Life Extension L-Carnosine

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60 Capsules Size
  • Inhibits formation of advanced glycation end products (AGEs)
  • Powerful antioxidant
  • Protects muscle cells from oxidation during and after exercise
  • Helps the heart muscle contract more efficiently
  • GMO, Vegan



I would actually like to give this product 4.5 stars instead of just 4 stars, the option is not there though, is it? But I do not want to give it 5 stars for one reason. I will get that out of the way first. The reason I am deducting half a star is because the first time I took it, I also drank a cup of coffee afterwards and the overall effect was extraordinary!! I was extremely jittery, I had to walk roughly 8 miles to calm down and get rid of all that nervous energy! I hated the feeling and thought that another supplement bites the dust. I love supplementing my diet depending on what I need. Most of the times, things work out; sometimes, they absolutely don't and I have horrible reactions. After the extreme jitteriness, I was almost afraid to try it again, but glad that I did! It has been a miracle pill after that. It has completely STOPPED my appetite. Generally I have a regular appetite and I eat normal, healthy diet. I do not buy junk food in general, but if I get my hands on some, I am going in, I am eating some of that chips, a cookie or two , a piece of that cake etc. My biggest weakness is bread, the chewy rustic french type is my poison. After taking L-Carnosine, my craving for carbs has completely dissaperead. I mean, just gone, absolutely gone! I can barely eat even one quarter of what I used to eat. I am getting satisfied with just couple of bites food, any food . It has been only three days, but I have already lost almost 3 pounds. This almost never happens, unless I am doing some extreme fad diet like all protein, zero carbs where it is mostly water loss. But this weight loss does not seem like water loss, as my skin looks hydrated and plump. It does not have that dehydrated, sunken look. It looks very good actually. This is what I have done for past three days, first day took one pill, second day two pills (one in the morning and one in the evening), third day two pills. Fisrt day walked 8 miles, second day barely 1 mile, third day 5 miles. Even with considerably decreased appetite, I have managed to eat decent amount of protein, some vegetables, a bit of bread and a little bit of wine, just incase I suffer malnutrition (Ha ha!). But I literally had to conjure up all my will power to eat that small amount of food, I just did not want to eat at all! I had to force myself to swallow the bites I was chewing!! I also did not have any craving for wine, even though I love red wine and drink in moderation. With L-Carnosine, I did not want to drink wine while drinking it! I know, if I do no have appetite at all, my body is feeding off of its own fat storage ( I have some), and I do not need to disturb this fantastic, once in a blue moon process. But, how can I not just eat, right?? :-) I have also noticed my skin looking tighter and smoother, it was not bad to begin with, but looks better. And its been only three days. One word of caution, this supplement works immediately, like as soon as I take it! That can be a very good thing if the effects are positive, or not so good if it does not agree with you. I am glad I gave it a second chance, now I stay away from coffee and things are great really. Time will tell if it will be a fountain of youth pill, but the weight loss will certainly help improving my over all health.

Ronald R.

This is the only supplement research indicates could potentially reverse aging on the cellular level. Don't know how well or for how long, but after several months, I feel great and my skin looks a little younger.

robert l hill

Great product been taking it for 3 weeks to help with my vision and diabetic nerve pain so far it seems to be working my vision is clear and I havnt had nerve pain since taking it twice a day what a difference!!!!!

Ross Livinsky

I don't know about all the other effects people claim to see, but I can swear my grey hair is diminishing. One of the best priced options on amazon as well.

Sam Davisson

Results faster than I had imagined. Lower back pain has improved greatly almost from the start.