Life Extension Boron

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  • Boron is an essential nutrient for optimal calcium metabolism and healthy bones and joints
  • Boron may affect human steroid hormone levels
  • Dietary boron intake may support a healthy prostate
  • Non-GMO Certfied
  • Vegan


Ted S.

I started to experience a new pain in my wrist. It might have been carpal tunnel syndrome. So I added BORON to my nutritional regimen. It's been found that boron is extremely important in preventing arthritis pain. In parts of the world (Jamaica) where the water and soil are deficient in boron, 70% of inhabitants exhibit arthritis pain (even the dogs walk around limping there). But in areas where boron soil and water levels are high (New Zealand) only 1% of inhabitants show signs of arthritis. The new pain in my wrist is gone in less than a month. I had been taking other anti-arthritis / anti-inflammation products prior. Even so, I developed this new wrist pain. I think the boron helped, and I plan to continue taking it.

Purgandi Dracointerfectorem

The supplement under review here is Boron, 3 Mg Advanced Chelate Complex 100 vegetarian capsules manufactured for Quality Supplements and Vitamins, Inc of Ft. Lauderdale, FL, and packaged and marketed under the Life Extension brand. Boron is an essential element for bone health, yet it currently seems to remain unappreciated and I've yet to have a physician recommend or even mention it to me. I am not a medical doctor, nor am I a nutritionist. I am merely reporting on research that is readily available in the scientific literature. Please consult with a physician if you have concerns for yourself, or with a veterinarian if you are concerned about a pet. According to Rex Newnham and Assoc, (1994) "Essentiality of Boron for healthy bones and joints" the evidence in support of the necessity of dietary boron for health has actually been building up since as far back as 1963. The following information comes from other research reviewed within that publication: 1) those who have arthritis also have less Boron in their bones than those who do not have arthritis, 2) those who take boron supplements have bones that are harder to cut than those who do not take a boron supplement, 3) world-wide epidemiology has shown that there is an inverse relationship between boron intake and arthritis (more boron = less arthritis in the population with a daily intake of 3 - 10 mg yielding a prevalence rates of 0 -10% in the population, and those with little to no daily boron intake experiencing arthritis at rates up to 70%), and 4) experimental research with both rats and 5) humans shows improvement in arthritis pain, stiffness and disability with boron supplementation over the course of 8 weeks or longer. According to Miljkovic, Scorei, Cimpoias¬łu & Scorei, (2009) Calcium Fructoborate:


Easy to swallow, great value for money, I don't know about absorbeny . I PURCHASED this because I suffered pain in both of my elbows, it hurt real bad. I Couldn't bench press , I was not able to do arm curls, I was impaired doing triceps extensions and other exercises. I took 2 tablets twice a day for 10 to 14 days and I'm almost at 100%. I'm able to do the barbell exercises I was unable to do before taking this supplement. Great Supplement!!!!!!!!!!! Will definitely continue use of this product. Saved my elbows. Thank-you ZACH

Annabelle Randall

I started taking these about 2 weeks ago, while also taking the Jigsaw Magnesium w/SRT. They do make your pee bright yellow, but that is the only side effect that I have noticed. I am taking 1, twice a day and I do feel that it, along with the magnesium supplement, is helping my back pain. I've had chronic back pain since 1996. I've had plenty of back injections during that time, as well as taking Nexium/Prilosec over the past 15 years, which could add to my body not absorbing minerals properly. In any case, it is working. In the past three days, I have taken one half of a lortab, which is a 1/3 of what I normally take on any given day. I've even cut down on my ice/heat regiment. I'm sure I am still missing other nutrients, but in time, I will discover what those are and add them to the mix. I still have nerve pain, which nothing seems to touch. I guess only time will tell.

Teresa Wojcik

I ordered 2 bottles of this so me and my husband can have our own. He wanted it for healthy prostate support and I wanted it for arthritis. We've read a lot about the health benefits of boron. Life Extension always seems to have a quality product. We like that it is a single ingredient so we can take two tablets if we want without worry of taking double of something else we do not need. I have a very sensitive stomach but I'm able to take this with no side effects at all!