Left Coast Performance Coconut Oil Powder

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454 g Size


Adriana Lima

I am extremely impressed with this product! I used it in my coffee. IT dissolves quickly and tastes great. It gave me the energy I needed to start my day. This product helped provide me with mental clarity. The first day trying it I came into my office and cleaned the whole damn thing. BEAST MODE!! I can’t wait to try their other products! AND IT ONLY CONTAINS 1 NET CARB! That is winning in my book. This product is made in the USA. I wish it contained more Collagen as it only contains 5 grams. Left Coast performance…..We need more collagen! Other than that, LOVE your product! If your looking for a grass fed MCT powder for your BULLETPROOF Coffee…. Look no further!!

Amy Gurley

EDIT ADDITIONAL: The unflavored variety that they just added works perfectly for those that like the flavor of their coffee. I love the fact that they listen to customer feedback! This stuff blends amazingly well (with a milk frothing wand, which is recommended by the company) and makes my coffee nice and frothy. The vanilla flavor is very pronounced, so if you don't really like the flavor of your coffee this can be used to mask it. I wouldn't recommend it if you really like your coffee flavor already, though (I buy Bones, and their unique flavors are quite delicious on their own). With 5g of collagen and only 90 calories, it's a good compromise if you like MCT in your coffee but also want some protein.

Jeffrey Jones

This is perfect addition to any beverage where you are looking to add a little supplementation. So far I have used this in my fat coffee mixes with cinnamon and nutmeg, along with a little vanilla unsweetened almond milk. It blends quickly in hot coffee. There is enough sweetness in one scoop for a 24oz coffee, for me anyways. Two shakes of cinnamon and one shake of nutmeg, add unsweetened almond milk to your liking and you have a little treat.


This product combines 3 things I was already putting in my bulletproof coffee (MCT, collagen, acacia fiber), making my morning routine a little simpler. And the powdered MCT is a no-mess way to incorporate the oil into your morning coffee, or whatever you like. I much prefer the unflavored version for greater flexibility--I can tailor the flavor and sweetness to my own liking. I like the vanilla best when blended in some strong oolong tea with a couple pinches of Himalayan salt added. Both the flavored and unflavored versions mix easily in hot or cold beverages.


I love Left Coast products and typically add MCT oil or grass fed butter into my coffee daily, so I was excited to try this product. I don't follow a keto diet, just enjoy the boost in brain power that it provides. A whole scoop looked like a lot, but I was amazed at how flawlessly it dissolved once my coffee hit it. A quick spin with my handheld blender and we were off. I am disappointed in the flavor however - the stevia is VERY prominent and I would have preferred a flavorless option with no added sugar substitutes so I could add my own flavorings or simply enjoy my black coffee.