KOS Organic Coconut Milk Powder

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G. Gables

-UPDATE- So far this is the BEST tasting coconut milk powder I've tried out of 3 brands, including the one from Hawaii. So delicious, it's now on subscription and I'm buying more to gift to friends and family. Made some no dairy Haupia with this... it was a HIT! -- -- -- After trying some fresh coconut milk powder a sister brought me direct from Hawaii that had just 1 other ingredient added (yucca root powder), I realized I cannot go back to the ones that have a bunch of other additives or fillers! Searched high and low for the Hawaiian "home-made" brand to no avail. After going through all the brands listed here on Amazon, I discovered there are actually many wonderful brands that only use yucca/tapioca maltodextrin as the only other ingredient besides the coconut, so hip-hip! However, I bought this one along with another brand to compare taste and although both are delicious, I love how this one pretty much has the one ingredient (if you're allergic to tree nuts, look elsewhere). I could care less about clump and more about health so, if you absolutely detest clumping issues, this may not be for you. (P.S. Although I'd like to dock stars for the company using plastic containers when plastic is becoming such a scary crisis, I will refrain myself from doing so. I hope this company will look into alternative packaging besides plastic. Thank you.)

Gina L

I love the fact that this has zero fillers. So here are the two ways I tried it and the results. 1) In my Vega and water protein shake. I use ice to help mix my powder. The coconut powder blended ok after awhile. But still had tiny clumps. Overall, not horrible blending in ice cold water. Did not add or take away from my shake. Next time I will premix coconut powder with my frother and see if that helps. 2) Mixed into 4oz of fresh hot water from my coffee maker-4 scoops of coconut powder. Then used my electric milk frother from Amazon to mix it up. Then I put that cup under my Amazon purchased k-cup coffee maker-popped a hazelnut in, and let the hot coffee add to the frothed coconut milk. Yum. This is the first time I have found a nut free dairy free soy free way to make my coffee creamy and delicious. It does not taste like my normal half n half. But I not disappointed either. 3) Love the prices and transparency with this company. This is my second purchase thru Amazon. I got the beet powder last week! Will be adding more asap.


This product is exactly as promised -- unadulterated dehydrated coconut milk. No fillers, no sweeteners, just the pure product. Its taste is amazingly better than the product we have been using...that we thought was pretty good. Remember that without the fillers, etc it won't mix in as easily (much better into a warm/hot liquid) and may clump up if not stored cool and dry.


I really like that this is organic powdered coconut milk with nothing else added. This is the only brand I found without additives and it tastes great in my coffig drink. I would also use this to make a glass of coconut milk and use it in recipes in place of milk.

Jocelyn M. Okeefe

I purchased this particular brand due to the one and only ingredient, coconut milk- no tapioca or anything added! I was weary due to the lack of reviews, but looking at this company's other offerings I decided to take the chance. I've been making a lot of raw/green/protein shakes that call for water for mixing- I like a creamier shake, so I've been using dairy milk, until today when my package arrived! used 4 scoops with 12oz of water- the powdered coconut milk with water in my shake has made a great difference, adds that creaminess I crave, and a light coconut flavor while cutting calories, fat, carbs and sugars that the dairy milk provided, opening more calories in my day for an extra snack- hooray for this!