Jarrow Formulas L-Tryptophan

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  • For Relaxation; Positive Mood & Sleep
  • L-tryptophan may also help in reducing carbohydrate cravings.
  • No wheat, no gluten, no soybeans, no dairy, no egg, no fish/shellfish, no peanuts/tree nuts, no corn.P
  • 500mg/serving



I live in fear of writing reviews of products this good. The gods take note and sit around chortling away when they can bugger things up for us. Then again, I know how much Amazon reviews have helped me so it seems selfish not to add my tuppenyworth. Almost everything about modern life is like a conspiracy against rest. You don't have to take it lying down (ho ho.) These don't iron-clad-guarantee sleep for me as they've done for some reviewers, but nothing does (as in I can go four days and nights straight on absolutely no sleep, all the while desperately popping things that promise slumber.) They do, however, make sleep infinitely more likely to come upon me, and it's beautiful, lovely, relaxed sleep when it happens (which is most of the time - amazing.) I wake up notably less determined to become a serial killer. The feeling actually lasts well into the day. Even if I can't fall asleep they make me much more relaxed and peaceful. (That's why you feel so good after you eat all the lovely foods with l-tryptophan in them - turkey, cheese - that Thanksgiving feeling.) I don't know how to explain all the blinding science but as others have done so, and very well, there's no need. The important thing is that these work in a completely different way from any other sleep aid. They go far beyond just making you feel sleepy. It wasn't till I tried these that I realized everything else I'd ever tried (which is almost everything) was operating superficially, somehow. On me, at least. It's as if these are feeding some part of my body that really needed to be fed. Please don't get any hopes up ... I know how easy it is to become giddy with the conviction that the next thing you buy will be the one that works. These might do absolutely nothing for you. They might turn you into a raving hive-covered maniac with a passion for the singing of Des O'Connor. But I've felt so much better in so many ways since taking them. For the first few weeks I had very vivid and strange dreams, but didn't wake up in a panic as has happened with tons of other sleep aids. The dreams are only occasional now and I remain relaxed. I just feel better all round when I take the peptides (what a funny word.) I really wish I could describe it: even when I'm out like a light some unconscious part of me can feel that everything's better. Just infinitely better quality sleep than I've had since I was a very young child. Whether it's because of the sleep or because of something in the formula itself, I'm more myself in general - relaxed and with a sense of proportion and humour. Galloping insomnia took much of that away from me and oh how I hope this is never taken off the market or the formula changed because I couldn't bear to go back to all the horridness. Jarrow Formulas is a really excellent, trustworthy company (Life Extension, Swanson, Nature's Way, Natrol, Vitamins Because, Bulk Supplements, Now Foods, Boiron, and Bach Flower Remedies are all very reliable/useful in my considerable and expensive experience.) I can't recommend this highly enough. There's nothing that will work for everyone but I can't help feeling that if it's worked such wonders for never-sleeping me, it might help others. The price is amazing (when I think what I've shelled out over the years ...) and Jarrow offer money back on, to the best of my knowledge, everything except probiotics. These caused no intestinal problems at all which is unusual as my insides are rather moody from all the decades of having so many sleeping pills, herbs, enzymes, you name it shoved through them. Natrol 5-HTP Mood and Stress formula, Vitamins Because Corydalis Pure (helps with relaxation and chronic pain), and Swanson Sea Cucumber (for the same reasons as the corydalis) also help with mood and rest, and, yes, I'm also superstitiously cowardly about writing reviews for them. The L-Tryptophan Peptides are what actually make the mix - for my wonky self - become sleep and lasting human pleasantness. I won't pretend I wake up jollified; depression runs in my family like Seb Coe, I'm still grieving anorakishly over the death of my mother, and chronic pain is a bugger. But the thing is, I wake up. I don't have to just get up after lying there going steadily more bonkers night after night. (Dick Francis could only write so many books, bless his cotton socks.) I wake up feeling better than I'd have imagined possible and able to take a Now Foods Gaba which makes me able to get out of bed which is all a bundle of miracles and it's all thanks to the Almighty, and Amazon reviewers. Apparently it's important to get the Peptide (that word really makes me want to laught) version, not the plain L-Tryptophan. I didn't bother reading why, I just trusted the reviewers and I'm not about to change when something's so exquisite. It's worth reading the reviews of both, though, if you want to understand how l-t works. No one's given me any products or money or discounts to write anything. Sorry this is so long. I'm just incredibly grateful that my life has become liveable thanks to the wonderful people who've taken the time and trouble to write reviews, and the handful of companies that aren't out to part desperate people from their money. Thanks!


I am not using it for relaxation - in fact I slightly dislike its soporific effect, and hope this will diminish with use. I switched from 5-HTP to L-Tryptophan, because one should not take 5-HTP for more than 8 (maybe 12) weeks maximum, as doing so will deplete dopamine (after which the 5-HTP is also no longer effective). I was using 5-HTP as a natural prokinetic, though I know it is touted as an aid to sleep/relaxation, as is L-Tryptophan. My problem was lack of intestinal peristalsis and ensuing constipation, both in relation to SIBO-C. 100mg of 5-HTP each night provided me with peristalsis/normal bowel movements, because one's body makes serotonin of 5-HTP, and 85-90% of the body's serotonin is used in the gut for peristalsis. Tryptophan can also be converted, by the body, into serotonin (though it can also be made into other things, such as niacin). My hope was that 1500mg L-Tryptophan, nightly, might be an adequate replacement for the 500mg 5-HTP, relative to maintaining intestinal peristalsis & correcting constipation due to lack of peristalsis. 30 days into the experiment, it does seem to be working.


I've been using L-Tryptophan for several years to help me sleep at night. My normal brand, which has 1.5 grams of L-Tryptophan per serving, is Source Naturals. While the Jarrow Formulas has 1,350 mg L-Tryptophan Peptides, the actual L-Tryptophan in each serving is only 500 mg (derived from the Peptides). Because of the lower dose of L-Tryptophan, I didn't expect it to work as well as the Source Naturals, which took at least an hour to start making me a little bit drowsy -- but if I went to bed when the drowsies hit, I would be able to fall asleep after about 30 minutes in bed (1-1/2 hours after I took it). With the Jarrow, I'm asleep within 30 minutes after I take the two capsules -- whether or not I'm in bed. There have been a few times I stayed up to watch tv with my husband. Even though it was a good show that I really wanted to see, once the show was over, he had to wake me up so I could go to bed. The Jarrow Formulas L-Tryptophan works so well, I've put it on Subscribe & Save. I definitely don't want to run out of this one!


If you're experiencing severe pms, insomnia, hot flashes, intense cravings for sugar then these are worth a try. So far I've been sleeping better. I have less anxiety and my appetite feels more controlled. Follow the directions and take on an empty stomach.

matilda's mom

Can't sleep without it. I consider this a necessity for those of us who have defective MTHFR methylation genes. Does not cause high blood pressure like 5-HTP can.