Jarrow Formulas L-Theanine

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60 Caps (100 mg) Size
Jarrow Formulas L-Theanine
  • L-Theanine Capsules
  • Supports Alpha-Wave Generation
  • A Unique Relaxant Prominent in Tea
  • Exerts protective effects on the brain by mitigating glutamate toxicity



Takes the edge off when you feel you need to relax. I don't take it everyday, only when I feel a little more stress than usual. No after efffects.


It took me awhile to realize this made my insomnia worse. I figured it just wasn't working. Then one night, after not being able to sleep, I took an extra one and that did the trick. If you want to use it for sleep, take 400mg. Take less if you want to use it during the day. I use it to break down histamine during the day in the summer and also a sleep aid when needed, but I usually take zinc and magnesium for sleep. The quality is good but you have to trouble shoot the dosage if you want it to work.

Erin Enriquez

M my daughter was diagnosed with anxiety and her pediatrician recommended this supplement (brand) specifically to help out. It definitely has. Her rest is better and she has had less fits/tantrums since she began taking them.

Nikole F

I've been taking these for two days and already feel the difference. I used to take Vitafusion Relaxed Mood but since it's discontinued I've had to look elsewhere. After trying the pure caplets which didn't do it for me I found these and I love them. I would give them a 5 but the taste is just OK... The vitafusion Gummies were delish!!


I suffer from somewhat fitful sleep. Yet, all of the sleeping meds, prescribed or over the counter including antihistamines make me ultra groggy the next day. This isn't a "take one and become a zombie" sleeping aide, but it does knock down the constant "thinking" that keeps many of us awake. Very, very helpful for me. My wife on the other hand, who suffers from the same agitated sleep doesn't find it to be helpful at all. So, this is probably one of those "works for some and not for others" kind of thing that might be worth trying if your options like mine are limited.