Jarrow Formulas Colostrum

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120 Capsules Size
  • Contains High Concentrations of Natural Immunoglobulins that Support the Body’s Defense System and Improve Gastrointestinal Health
  • 30% Immunoglobulins
  • Promotes Immune and Gastrointestinal Health
  • No rBGH Used
  • Collected Within 16 Hours of Calving



Jarrow colostrum has not only saved us $1,000 in vet bills but also brought relief to our 4 year old golden/shepherd mix who has horrible health issues. When none of the medications the vet prescribed were working to treat Molly's severe skin problems, hot spots and fungal infections I decided to start researching a solution on my own which led me to colostrum. Molly had what I called 'Crisco Pie Crust Skin' since her skin was so incredibly flaky. It was also extremely red and irritated. She also had ring worm all over her chest and belly and it turns out this has all been caused by a severe allergy causing her immune system to pretty much shut down. I put 3 capsules of Jarrow colostrum in the same high quality grain free food she's always been on (she weighs about 100lbs) and the results have been amazing after only 7 weeks! The ringworm is completely gone and the smell from the fungal infection is thankfully a thing of the past! Her flaky skin is gone also and her fur has grown back. People who saw her before are amazed at the transformation she has had in such a short time! We aren't blown over when we enter our home by the disgusting odor no amount of bathing would remove and can finally have guests over to our home again! If anyone is suffering from an immune system deficiency or has a pet with health problems related to allergies/poor immunity I highly recommend trying colostrum! The before photo of Molly is of her back and was taken around mid April, 2016 when she littery had almost no fur

J. Glassy

I rarely write reviews unless I am blown over by the results. Having suffered with intestinal pain, bloating and stomach issues.... ( been eating super clean with good fats and gf and df and grain free mostly for last 4 years). I have tried and still use a few supplements that help including digestive aids. This has changed this ladies life!!! I was taking two in morning and two at night and it helped but not significantly. I heard to try more and more slowly. I won't go into dosages. I say listen to your Dr. and listen to your body. I feel better than I have in 10 years. I believe since no Dr. could figure out how to assist me in my health issues since I don't fit in their mold of what they are used to treating I am actually lucky not to have some of my intestines removed with all that was going on. This is a good company and I take some with meals and some in-between and especially before bed so it gets to marinate all night and heal. We all heal from different things. It's up to us to be our own best advocate for health especially when our bodies are in trouble. Enjoy !

Beth & Bill Nowikowski

A doctor recommended this to me after treating me for a bad cold. Being that I worked in a nursing home at the time, I needed all the help I could get. Flash forward 11 years, and this product has helped me immensely. If I did get sick, it was mild, such as catching pneumonia from a patient. Now, having been diagnosed with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, my "natural path" doctor was pleased that I was taking this and suggested that I continue since it would not interefere, but assist in my treatment.

Michael Brunetti

Like any IBS sufferer (I have the "D" kind), I've tried countless supplements to ease the symptoms. This is product has become a staple in my daily/nightly pill routine. There isn't an end symptom pill that I've come across, but colostrum certainly has brought some relief into my digestive life. I use it in combination with probiotics, seems to just calm my system down. I would like to say that I've a few other brands, but this one by jarrow has worked the best by far.

Cheryl Rice

I love this product. I have already reordered. I have always had stomach and intestinal problems. One week after I started taking the colostrum my stomach was less bloated and I became more "regular". I have been taking it every day faithfully and am so glad I decided to try this product.