Isopure Whey Isolate

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  • Cook, Bake, Blend with Unflavored Protein Powder
  • Pure, Unflavored, GMO Free, 100% WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE
  • The easy way to add high-quality protein into your preferred flavored beverages (hot or cold), smoothies, soups, sauces and baked goods recipes.
  • 2 Ingredients
  • No Added Colors/Flavors/Sweeteners
  • Keto friendly – this protein powder can help support your ketogenic macros
  • Gluten & lactose free



I've been using unflavored Isopure for years. I tried a lot of other types and brands of protein powder, but Isopure definitely mixes better than any other protein I've ever used. It really is "unflavored," too. I remember just eating a small spoon full to try it and it tasted like... Well, it tasted like nothing. I add it to fruit/spinach/almond milk smoothies, and it basically just works as a thickener and protein supplement with no added taste. Even though it mixes well, I would still recommend blending thoroughly. Low calorie, high protein, unflavored... What's not to like? Pro tip, though: If you're going to use a lot of this product, it's frequently cheaper to buy three 1 lb. bags instead of the 3 lb. tub.

Jessy Kihs

I purchased this to use as batter for fried chicken! After trying pork rind crumbs, almond and coconut flour or a combination of both I was fed up with the unwelcome flavors, grainy texture and delicate frying conditions needed to get the food cooked through but not burn on the outside. When I found a recipe that called for using unflavored whey protein isolate powder it made so much sense! Protein covered in protein, fried in fat! Ha! And it worked so well! It didn’t create a super crunchy crust but it definitely added a crispy crust to my chicken. I would cook with this again for sure. Quick cooking tip: mixing protein powder and egg or water or anything wet makes it become super tacky and sticky after a few minutes. So use nitrile gloves (or any cooking glove) so you can wash up easier and definitely rinse your dishes sooner rather than later or you’ll have a huge stuck-on-mess to clean up.


I was very skeptical about this really being "unflavored"....although it does have a teeny tiny flavor it's nothing that would make something else that you add it to taste bad. I love to add this to stews or soups to thicken them because as a gastric bypass patient I'm not to supposed to eat soups, they are considered a " slider food"- something that passes through your system to fast to get any nutrients out of it, and this prevents that from happening. I also add it to my iced coffee to make a meal out of it. 😊

Becky Dunham

When you buy something that says it’s “unflavored” it is usually not completely unflavored....well this protein powder is! Not only can I not taste it, there is absolutely no texture either! I am vegetarian and have been juicing for the past week and needed a way to add protein to my morning, this was the perfect solution 😊 I simply put a small amount of water in the bottom of my glass and a scoop of this powder mixed it up and poured my juice in...I can’t even tell it’s in there! 👍 SO HAPPY! ****update- DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT mix with hot liquids!! I mixed with some hot almond milk today to make hot cocoa and it solidified....I had to use a butter knife to get it out of my cup and it was the texture of tofu!


This doesn’t dissolve. I’ve tried hot and cold liquids and it turns into one solid mass. Then I’ve tried shaking and stirring and it helps a little but ultimately I end up having to strain it and about 1/2 of the scoop is thrown in the trash. It really is flavorless though, if you can get past the chunks.