Isopure Vegan Protein Powder

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572 g Size
  • Each serving provides 20 grams of organic pea and brown rice protein with no artificial colors , flavors or sweeteners.
  • By combining these unique protein sources we’re able to produce a comprehensive profile of essential amino acids that your body can’t produce on its own.
  • Zero cholesterol, just 1.5 grams of fat and 0 grams of sugar.
  • The ideal plant-based protein powder for mixing up quality nutrition and outstanding taste without adding any dairy or soy to your diet.



Use this every day in my smoothies (or sometimes mix into overnight oats/yogurt). I don't recommend if you plan to try to stir or shake into liquid - it clumps up immediately, but it blends fine with a blender. Flavor is exactly what I'd expect in an unflavored protein powder. Again, perfect for smoothies, but don't recommend with plain water/milk. I do sometimes mix it with a bottle of Kitu cold brew (again, in the blender) and that tastes great. If you're looking for a clean/unflavored protein powder and don't have unrealistic expectations for it to taste like a flavored one, I'd recommend this for sure.


I've had better vanilla vegan protein shakes. It's not terrible, but not great either. The only protein powder I've had to mix with things other than coconut milk or water to tolerate. Using this with a shaker bottle doesn't work, it leaves lumps and I just cant. I find using my ninja cup attachment to be more effective. I think you need to play with ingredients to mix with to find a good fit. I've tried coconut milk, cocoa powder, coffee and a banana to make a morning protein shake and that wasn't bad. I think my favorite was blending it with pineapple coconut water, and frozen raspberries. It keeps me full especially when I know I wont have time to stop and eat a meal. (nurse/mother of 4) It's also efficient for post work outs. So while the taste isn't great, I'll keep experimenting till it's gone cause I hate to waste things. It's highly likely that I will not repurchase.


The flavor comes through a little bit. I primarily bought this for mixing into soups, baking pancakes etc... And I had previously used the unflavored Whey from this brand (which i liked a lot) The texture is pretty terrible but not the worst i've tried. If you do decide to get this you'll probably never use more then half a scoop at a time the texture and the way it thickens things is honestly hare to swallow. I hope they improve the formula soon. In Soups- this did okay anything more then half a scoop gave it a weird thick texture that felt gritty. For example tried to add some out of the can chili i was making and after i added half a scoop it became about the consistency of a dry dense hummus. In Pancakes - Didn't really rise at all, I even tried adding a lot of egg white. It also didn't blend with the vanilla extract or other flavors very well Overall I'm saddened :(


Love that it’s actually low carb and it tastes great. I mix it with unsweetened coconut milk and it tastes great. Good for diabetics and those who watch carb intake. I wish they made this in a protein bar too.


I’ve already had protein shakes from a favorite place I love ordering from so I was shocked that this plant protein had the same taste and texture! I was looking for protein powder to drink with since I just started exercising and I’d love to get more protein intake. It’s meant to be made with shakes and more. Stirring it with milk or anything else will make it not fully mixed. I definitely recommend! Love the taste, the chocolate is there and the one pound is a lot!