Horbäach L-Ornithine

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120 Capsules Size
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Gave this a low rating because it seems to provide much less quantity than what it claims regardless of whether the ingredient is what it's supposed to be. The first thing you notice is that none of capsules are full which doesn't mean anything if the amount contained is what it's supposed to be. After taking a couple as a test, I pulled out a food scale and emptied out all the capsules into a sandwich zipper-lock baggie to weigh all the capsules (minus 2). The whole thing should have weighed well over 120 grams considering just the ornithine alone is supposed to weigh 120 grams (1000mg x 120) without the additional weight of the plastic sandwich bag, all the gelatin capsules as well as the fillers (magnesium stearate and rice powder). Instead the whole thing only weighed 95 grams (see photo) using an Etek kitchen scale (Amazon B0113UZJE2) which is undoubtedly a few grams off but not over an ounce from the true weight which is how much it would have to be off (120 gm ornithine [minus weight of 2 pills] + pill fillers + 120 gel caps + plus plastic sandwich bag). There were about 120 pills in the bottle, so that wasn't the problem even though one of the capsules was half-broken and its powder spread everywhere.

Jennifer Sweet

Thank heavens for L-Ornithine! Was 1/2way through a 3 month parasite cleanse, & had a day where I felt pretty ill. I did some research, & found out this was recommended to help w/ammonia levels...finishing my final month, and feeling great! Could not find this product in any store, locally....


I tried this for brain fog - I read it's good for detoxing the brain. The first time I took it, I got a nice jolt of energy and clarity. Subsequently, I didn't get the same boost. I'm not sure if that means it "cleared" whatever needed to be cleared, or if my brain got used to it really quickly.


Bought for my son who is very athletic and needed this amino acid in his regimen. this is an awesome product and gives him what he needs.


I liked this L-ornithine! It was a good price and I felt it was satisfactory compared to other brands.