GNC Folic Acid Vegetarian Tablets

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100 Tablets (1000mcg) Size
GNC Folic Acid Vegetarian Tablets
  • Supports Healthy Fetal Development
  • Required For Proper Red Blood Cell Formation
  • Adequate Folate In A Healthy Diet May Reduce A Woman&Rsquo;S Risk Of Having A Child With A Brain Or Spinal Cord Defect. Folate Intake Should Not Exceed 250% Of The Dv (1,000 Mcg).


S. Golden

You may be able to buy a larger quantity for slightly less but consider that you probably don't want to be buying several years worth of vitamins. Can you actually take all of them before the expiration date? And do you want to take a vitamin that has been laying around your house for years? I need to take one of these a day for a medical condition. One hundred pills is over three months worth. Just about perfect. And the reorder process is simple and delivery reliable. Can't ask for much more.

Shannon Dickinson

I'm 8 months pregnant, and these pills are great. They're small and easy to swallow.

D. Hughes

I normally buy folic acid in tablet form so was surprised to find it in these round gel capsules. I appreciate that I can easily tell it from the other pills I take but when I am filling my pill container, they sometimes roll off the counter. I am sure they work fine and Amazon is the only place I can find folic acid in the size (1000 mg) that my doctor wants me to take. I will continue to buy them through Amazon in the future.

Dana Conte

This supplement is great! I'm pregnant and need to take higher doses of folic acid. They're small and easily swallowed.

Charles P.Davis

Works for me great value more bang for your buck.