Gaia Herbs Fenugreek Seed

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60 Liquid Phytocaps Size
Gaia Herbs Fenugreek Seed
  • Includes 1 (60 Count) Gaia Herbs Fenugreek Seed—Plant Based Herbal Supplement
  • Optimizes milk production
  • All vegetarian ingredients
  • Recommended by midwives
  • Purity for nursing mothers



I have been using gaia fenugreek along with maca powder (hormone balancing) to increase the fullness of my bust. At 43 years old and having breastfed for 15 months when I had my son 23 years ago, fullness is a bonus in making me look and feel my best. It definitely works. I would only trust gaia, as all the other supplements are dry herb form, and these are extract encapsulated. I take 2 in the morning and 2 at night. My hormones are balanced and my breasts are noticeably rounder and fuller. As per normal, they deflate a little after the start of my period, but they fill right back up by day 3 :) The local health food store here charges $30 for the 60 count, so the Amazon price is awesome!


I tried breast feeding my baby but was only getting few drops. But after using this my supple went up gradually and now after two months I am getting enough for my baby. I dont know what happens if I stop taking this but I dont want to find out.


It works only when u take it. You have take it everyday as long as you nurse.