Dr Tobias Fish Oil

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  • Provides Essential Fatty Acids that may help to support your overall health.


Stfortn - male born in 1988

Verified Purchase I’ve ordered this product a few times. The latest bottle came and all of the capsules were oily on the exterior of the capsules and smelled rancid. They had a very strong bitter flavor and I couldn’t use an entire new bottle. No refund offered when I contacted the company about the problem.


First time buying this product but just now opened the box to find this... Uh, I don't think so! I'm not about to put any of these in my mouth. Looks like someone put a thumb thru the foil. Tried to send this pic to the manufacturer but couldn't find an email address. I'm very surprised to find this since the product had more stars from more customers than the brand I intended to buy. A bit unnerving, yeah?

Kate Mahoney

As a biochemisty eye disease researcher, take it from me that you need fish oil in your diet, ESPECIALLY if you are at risk for inherited retinal degenerative disease! Everyone should be taking a good fish oil but I understand why a lot of people don't. Two words: FISH BURPS. Between that and big, hard to swallow pills, I haven't always taken fish oil myself, but I determined with the start of a new year to get my husband and myself back on track health-wise and that included a good fish oil supplement. I have been taking these for several weeks now and I can confirm that there are NO FISH BURPS with these!! They don't even smell fishy to me straight out of the bottle! There is no way I would ever know I was taking fish oil if someone were just handing these to me and I was taking them without ever seeing the bottle. The only way I would know would be the health benefits on the flip side! Whatever formulation they're using for these capsules to keep the fish in until they're far enough through the digestive system not to come back and haunt you really, REALLY works! Yes, they are large-ish capsules (see side by side comparison picture with a cold and flu gel capsule) BUT honestly swallowing these is a LOT easier than swallowing similar sized gel caps of another type. These are so soft and go down VERY smoothly. I haven't had any issues swallowing these and sometimes I do with other similar capsules. I can highly recommend this fish oil supplement, especially to those who are either new to fish oil or who have been burned by fish burps before and are hesitant to try again. My advice: TRY AGAIN WITH THESE! Hope this helps! And yes, I paid full price just like you.

Nature girl in Texas

I love this product, I actually ordered it for my husband because his Dr told him to take 4000mg of fish oil daily. The other burpless fish oil by Nature Made had only 1200 mg I was buying it from Walmart and it only had 720 mg Omega 3 fatty acids, with Omega 3 EPA 360 mg and Omega 3 DHA 240 mg serving 2 soft gels serving per container 75 he was having to take more of the fish oil soft gels and it was ending up costing more. The type of fish Nature made has is (anchovy, sardine, mackerell). so I saw the reviews on amazon for Dr. Tobias Omega 3 fish oil and it is 2000 mg and it's triple strength with 1400 mg of Omega 3 fatty acids per serving, EPA 800 mg and DHA 600 mg and the serving size for this product is 2 soft gels and the serving per container are 90. The type of fish Dr Tobias has is (herring, anchovy, sardine, salmon/mackerel) this product also contains soy. It didn't take me long to calculate the numbers to see how much money I would be saving buying this product, plus this fish oil has wild fish, not farm-raised and MOST OF ALL NO FISH BURPS, A BIG PLUS 4 ME!!! I am very in tune with my body so if I take something I can usually tell a difference and boy did I after about 20-25 minutes I felt it in my brain, it felt great not sure how to say what it felt like but I felt like I had been slipped a feel good pill, only I knew that I had only taken one new product and this is the one I/my husband will stick with for now on. I can feel a difference in my over all health, my brain, my back, my knees/legs I feel soooo much better, I think our Dr was impressed with this product as well. we will absolutely order this product from this company again. We are now going to be life long customers for this product. Thanks so much 4 all of those who left reviews because I do read reviews/it helps me to know which products are working/which ones aint worth the money or the trouble ordering it. Anyhow we love this product. Thanks so much Dr Tobias 4 such a great product. We are now going 2 receive our free bottle of Dr. Tobias fish oil which is so awesome, if you order a bottle of fish oil this company sends you a free bottle as a gift, for our unbiased review. Great product from a great company.


Doctor ordered me to take fish oil for high triglycerides. Was dreading it because all others that I have tried produced disgusting burps/diarrhea. These taste great, go down easy, no burps or stomach upset. As an added bonus, after one week of taking them, my arthritis has disappeared. I take as directed, 2 pills, 3 times a day, with a meal. Thank God for these miracle pills!