Double Wood Supplements HMB

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Genetics Prof

I used to love this product but they recently changed their formula to include rice flour filler. Now causes me all kinds of GI problems when I take this pill. I had no problems with the previous formulation that used gelatin and cellulose. Disappointing there was no warning of the formula change and the photos on Amazon still show the old formula on the label, so be warned it is not accurate. I will look for another brand of HMB going forward.


I’ve always struggled with maintaining muscle mass when trying to cut weight and truly little is as depressing as watching my lifts fall week to week when on a cut. I recently have begun a new cut after a long winter of bulking, and decided to try using HMB for this one as I heard it can help prevent muscle loss when cutting. I’m about halfway into my cut now (3 months in), and have been so so pleased so far. I have only lost 5 lbs on my bench and haven’t lost anything on any other exercises. My squats, deadlifts, and everything else remains unchanged. I also haven’t noticed any visible changes in muscle mass when looking in the mirror. For reference, last time I did a cut I had lost almost 20lbs on my bench press, 15lbs [≈ Men's shot] on my squats and 15 lbs [≈ Men's shot] on my deadlifts after just 3 months. I also could tell by looking at myself I had lost some muscle. My arms weren’t filling out the sleeves on a lot of my favorite shirts like they used to. I can tell with 100% certainty this is making a huge difference for me. I take a single dose with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. To be honest the only downside is remembering to take it 3 times a day. I can’t say if the effect would be as powerful if the product is taken less often but I swear by this now.


While I can't say I'm doing controlled experiments with this, I can say it seems to be working for me. Ordered 3x so far. Usually I take them 2x, sometimes 3x per day. It's a leucine metabolite, so there are often times I won't take it while fasting because it will interfere with autophagy, whereas other times I will after an intense workout the day prior. I know some people will take BCAAs in place of this, but this is fairly inexpensive and is flavorless as a small pill and very convenient. I suspect this is mostly taken by bodybuilders to retain muscle and improve performance, but a study from 2019 showed creatine stacked with HMB improved aerobic performance. You can find a lot of information on various HMB studies (and lot of other things) in one convenient place on the ergo-log website. Update: Now that I've re-read the label, I will start taking this right before a workout with creatine, in addition to taking 1 about an hour or so before ending my daily fast and within a few hours of bedtime.


I’ve been lifting for a few years now, and there’s nothing I dread more than an injury. It’s happened a few times with the worst ones keeping me out of the gym for weeks and even months at a time. Little is worse than being home, in pain, knowing that by the time you’re healed enough to lift again that you’ll have lost months worth of progress. I recently hurt my shoulder pressing, and a friend put me onto HMB telling me it would help preserve my muscle. I ended up spending over two months out of the gym, and I’ve been taking HMB daily. Normally this type of break would have absolutely destroyed my lifts. I probably would have lost 15lbs [≈ Men's shot] on my bench. So when I finally got back to the gym I decided to take 15lbs [≈ Men's shot] off my bench for my first set after warming up. Surprisingly it seemed really easy. I added back 5 lbs no problem on my second set and another 5 on my third set. After two months out of the gym I had only lost 5lbs on my bench which is mind blowing! I can’t recommend this enough to anyone who is being forced to take an extended break from the gym. I am even going to bring this with me on my next vacation when I have to take just a week long break from the gym.

Jennifer Clark

I've been using this product for over a year. I take 1000g (2capsules) 3 times a day. It really makes a big difference in terms of how well I can maintain muscle tone. That being said, it goes a long way to affect my calorie burn. As you age you will lose muscle even if you are doing weight training, and I find the combination of doing weight training and taking the supplement has drastically affected my ability to maintain a normal weight. I also take Berberine, which I added about 6 months ago. Berberine will help maintain metabolism if you are doing intermittent fasting.