Doctor’s Best L-Tryptophan

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Jeff in Texas

I have struggled with depression for the past 43 years. I have tried everything with the same lackluster results as almost everyone else in the world. L-Tryptophan has changed my life for the better. Great stuff, same day improvement and I sleep better too.


I take this to help my insomnia and sugar cravings as part of the Mood Cure book's protocol. It's helping, and I do notice a difference when I do not take it. It's important to take it 30 minutes before eating or 2 hours after eating. Tryptophan converts to 5HTP, and 5HTP converts to serotonin, and that converts a little to melatonin. Tryptophan is easier on the tummy than 5-htp.

Jim C.

Two of these taken on an empty stomach about an hour before bed time and you will have no problem falling asleep. Unfortunately, Tryptophan does not keep me asleep the entire night and I may need to also take melatonin or other sleep aids when I have to get up in the middle of the night. Tryptophan is about the only thing that I have ever taken that works every time I take it (as long as you do not take it with any protein or on a full stomach otherwise it will just be converted into protein and will not stay in its amino acid form). All other sleep aid formulas, etc. loose their effectiveness after you have taken them several days in a row.

Blake M York

I started taking these along with l-tryptophan, and while it took a few days before I could notice the l-tryptophan working, the l-theanine worked beautifully the very first time I took it. I take 1 in the morning now with my cup of coffee while I get ready for my day & I do experience a noticeable difference. I am on my second set of them now, about to order my 3rd, I will never be without these 2 supplements now - they have dramatically changed my life. I keep a few extra l-theanine pills in my purse in case of some really anxious or nervous high anxiety situation arises, I just take an extra one that day & within 15 minutes or so I'm calmer and more focused. These legitimately changed my life. A+++++

K. H.

All of Doctor's Best products seem to be quite high quality; I use several. 3 capsules of this on an empty stomach before bedtime put me to sleep easily - unfortunately, they don't help me get back to sleep if I wake up early in the morning, but I'll take what I can get. I also really appreciate the fact that unlike so many others, they use vegetarian capsules. The real irritation for me over the years, and the reason I keep trying other brands (at least one of which works, but they use gelatin in their capsules), is that Doctor's Best doesn't make this available in a larger size bottle, as other companies do. I see no reason whatsoever to keep the price of a 90 capsule bottle inflated when you could easily offer a 120 capsule bottle at a lower per-capsule cost. One bottle of the 90 only lasts me a month.