Doctor’s Best L-Theanine Capsules

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90 Capsules Size
  • Doctor’s Best L-Theanine contains Suntheanine, a pure form of L-Theanine on the market produced via a patented process that mimics the natural process in green tea leaves.
  • L-Theanine helps promote a healthy mood and a restful relaxed state while maintaining daytime alertness
  • L-Theanine supports relaxation and a sense of calm without causing drowsiness or loss of focus. This amino acid found naturally in tea helps support healthy stress response, relaxation, focus and memory
  • L-Theanine is a powerful Amino Acid that enhances cognitive performance and alertness. L-Theanine may help improve quality of sleep, learning performance, concentration and help support the immune system. L-Theanine may also help reduce the negative effects of caffeine
  • L-theanine is an agent that is used for nervousness and tension by supporting mental tranquility. Suntheanine may normalize the body’s stress response and condition the body to handle stressful situations better



I have horrible anxiety and have had brain fog for the last few weeks. I've read all the positive reviews and decided to give this a try! After two days, I noticed what a drastic difference this made. The brain fog cleared, my personality came back, and I was put in a stressful situation that would have normally freaked me out but instead, I was very calm and focused. I'm not one to write reviews, but I thought- if my review could help someone out there that is going through the brain fog/anxiety that I have been dealing with, then this review is worth it. Seriously, give this a try. I only wish I tried this sooner.

Well-Informed Shopper

for those who feel stress any L-Theanine product will work to greatly reduce these feelings. If you get home and want a drink, take this instead or open a capsule and eat it as it's flavorless for quicker action. L-theanine relaxes you but doesn't impair your actions like alcohol/Marijuana do. If you are stressed, you may even be a better driver using it.

Mountain Country

Sometimes we forget we need more varied amino acids than we get in our daily diets. L-theanine changes levels of amino acids affecting serotonin and other neurotransmitters in the brain. Either a physician can assist you in regulating your dosage, or if you are attuned to your body you will know when you have found the correct dosage for your body.


I have been suffering with pretty bad anxiety/panic attacks for over a year now. Especially when I am driving. These have helped tremendously keep my calm. They do not make me feel tired they just make "chill". I have only taken 1 pill at a time so I can imagine taking more than 1 would really help someone in need. I would recommend taking this before the harsh addictive pills.

McKenzie S.

These have changed my life. I live with chronic anxiety and always have been since I was a child. I was in a really hard spot in my life when I bought these. They have helped me gain my freedom back in my life. I started to notice myself in situations where I used to be taken over with anxiety, and I felt calm. Situations I’ve used this for things I want to overcome. I take them and I wait and forget I took them and then I feel like my head is totally clear 20 minutes later. I take one every morning for over the year. My brother uses them now and loves them too! Such an amazing product.