Doctor’s Best L-Ornithine

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  • unflavored
  • Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Vegetarian


Suzanne Cooper

Works as expected


This L-ornithine powder dissolves easily and has no objectional taste. Doctor’s Best is a reputable brand that I have used before. Ornithine (or l-ornithine) is an amino acid that is normally part of the urea cycle. It can help remove excess ammonia from the body, ammonia being naturally formed as one step in digestion but not the final step. There are conditions that lead to an excess of ammonia, and theoretically supplements of molybdenum and ornithine can be helpful. I am not a scientist so I may be oversimplifying this. I suggest working with a nutritionist and starting this sort of supplement very slowly. If you experience brain fog, back off and slow down. Many people feel that ornithine helps with muscle fatigue but scientific proof is still lacking. You can try it but do not increase the amount quickly. Avoid if pregnant or on MAO inhibitors. Personally I suspect that taking single amino acids can lead to an imbalance if used for very long. A little of this appears to be safe and may be helpful, just be cautious. At least this powder is pure and does not contain harmful additives.


I've taken many a supplement in my day, and I do think L-Ornithine works. It reduces Ammonia build up (detoxes) in the body after a heavy workout (or over imbibing) that can cause fatigue and other body stress related effects. It's not a magic bullet and won't do much if you're not overdoing things, but in the latter case it can be a life-saver. The tasteless powder mixes well with water, juices, shakes, and smoothies, and is best taken pre and post workout, and well as before bed. When combined with sister amino L-Arginine, it supports protein synthesis and nitric oxide production. It seems fairly bio-available and a single 2g serving with the included scoop seems to do the trick. Each canister has about 100 servings so if you take three a day, it should last over a month. It isn't recommended to exceed 10g a day. Doctor's Best is a reputable brand and this powder is certified, 3rd party tested, vegan, non-GMO, and gluten and soy free. For a good pre/post workout drink, try mixing into a bottle of BodyArmor and shaking well. The price seems fair as well so I'd be likely to get this again.


I have been using this product for many years because I used to work out so hard, I couldn’t even lift my arms, or barely walk; it depends on the muscles worked that day. You, in the gym, know Exactly what I mean. This product helps you avoid the bulk of soreness that can occur for DAYS after a workout. You know, the pain that will often separate the dedicated from the, well, Not dedicated, we’ll say? It’s a reasonably priced product, that can help you push Beyond your comfort zone, to afford you the look and feel of strength, you may have given up on from the pain and soreness. Nothing is magic but, I Know that supplements are a good thing. I have definitely used Doctors BEST in my days and they are a respectably reviewed company. I have physical issues and still like it because it also helps with energy, which I’m often in short supply of, these days. I would say to Work with your doctors, if needed and be Better and happy!


I have been using the Doctor's Best brand for a number of years now and have always been impressed with the quality and the results. Ingredients are always pure without anything artificial. So I decided to give this particular product a try. First time I will be trying a powder product from this brand and also the first time I will be using L-Ornithine. I usually either have this first thing in the morning or about an hour before my workouts. I mix this with some citrus juice. After using this for awhile I began to notice less muscle fatigue during my workouts. Another good effect is that towards the end of the day I feel less drained and tired. So overall great products with no drawbacks.