Doctor’s Best L-Carnosine

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  • Promotes a healthy stomach lining and environment
  • Helps relieve occasional gastric discomfort & maintin a healthy GI environment
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I ripped up my stomach on caffeine pills during one semester as an engineering student, and I developed severe gastritis. I was nauseous all day long, facing sharp painful cramps, it was absolutely incapacitating. I've been on PPIs and H2 Blockers, but the PPIs only made it worse and the H2 blockers didn;t do enough. This compound has been a gift from God, and I have not felt this good in a year. It will not solve any underlying problems but it does wonders for the stomach lining. In addition to avoiding foods that irritate your stomach, take 1 of these capsules with every meal (3 capsules a day total). I felt a difference within a week and after doing this for a month I'm well on the road to recovery. I still cant have foods containing caffeine, but I no longer am nauseous or in pain. I'm on my third bottle, feel free to ask questions. I know how much of a struggle stomach issues can be. UPDATE: I'm proud to say that after being on a PPI (Prilosec) or H2 Blocker at some point for the last 15 months, I have finally been able to get off of both them! It's a long process, and I've been taking 2-5 of these a day for the last year. I HIGHLY recommend this product, it helped me tremendously. UPDATE 2 (6/20/16): I have been blessed so much to be able to stop taking these. After 2-5 per day for about 20 months, I no longer need them. I'm continuing a slow recovery and adding back foods into my diet that used to cause me pain.This product was a key part in aiding the healing of my gastritis. I still endorse it - I've bought probably 15+ bottles over those 20 months and I would do it again. Here are my gastritis BLACKLIST (foods to avoid) and GOODLIST (foods that are safe and gentle for me). This is a copy and paste from my food journal. Your mileage may vary, so always try foods from my GOODLIST cautiously. THEBLACKLIST: Caffeine (patient zero) Theanine cough drops strong mints tomato sauce ketchup alcohol cajun seasoning hot sauce (Frank’s mild) hummus all chocolate, but especially dark chocolate maybe carribean jerk marinade Minute Brown Rice (maybe too much fiber, Uncle Bens Instant Brown is okay, could be because Minute is Precooked rice) Bush’s Country Style Baked Beans ( am okay with KC Masterpiece Applewood Smoked Bacon though) Stress mustard Vinegar (from cole slaw specifically) fake bagged popcorn for some unknown reasons pickles Hydrogen Peroxide from Crest Supreme WhiteStrips (60 min duration, VERY little swallowing, made sure of it, it’s hard to get it all out of your mouth Very Fatty and Greasy Pulled Pork ( from Uncle Buck’s BBQ) green peppers greasy alfredo sauce from pizza hut Literally any large super fatty meal Sourdough pretzels Country Crock Buttery spread Fatty Meats Apple juice honey coated peanuts THE GOODLIST: pita chips white rice (old bens) pasta with olive oil baked potatoes eggs bread nuts peanut butter pretzels milk fish (lean fish like flounder, salmon, snapper, or tilapia) beef yuca / casava ground turkey canola oil ( for cooking, in place of butter/margarine)


Dr.s Best has gone through an ownership change over the past few years, they are now owned by a Chinese company that refuses to release CoAs on any of their products. Could the products be effective? Maybe but there is no way to know unless you have the product analyzed by a company yourself. This product itself was detrimental to me, I bought it to treat gastritis and it didn't seem to help for that at all. It also caused me to have a frequent and painful urge to urinate far more often in the day. After discontinuing this product the symptom alleviated and disappeared after a week. It is also pertinent to note that you should be eating high copper foods or taking a low dose copper supplement when taking high doses of Zinc as you risk copper deficiency. There are other trustworthy brands to purchase Zinc L-Carnosine from that may cost slightly more, but the difference in quality makes it worthwhile. Hope this is helpful to those on the fence about buying this product.

daniel frederick

The gastro doctor had me on ppi for years for gastritis in my stomach and duodenum and it only made it bearable and gave me all kinds of terrible side effects.I took zinc carnosine for a week at the 150mg dose then quite taking ppi and bumped it up to 300 to 375 for a week then went back down to 225 and I was able to quit the ppi with almost zero withdraw and I'm in less pain now then I have been in years.Every other time I tried to quite ppi it was horrible painfully and I always went back with in ten days but now it has been 5 weeks and its going really good.


caused severe vomiting, nausea & diarrhea. Carnosine has histidine, a major histamine irritant. Dont take if you have any allergy issues. All of the products I have purchased from this company have made me very ill. I do not believe they follow "truth in labeling products" practices. They must be using very cheap useless ingredients.. I also bought a B complex vitamin from this company & it also made me very ill.


I have acid reflux and horrible heartburn. I'm trying to get away from omeprazole and the like because I'm having side effects. I was incredibly skeptical of this helping at all, but I have been very pleased with the results. It works better than Pepci/Prevacid/etc. for me. It will take a few hours to take full effect, but it lasts longer than 24 hours- sometimes 3 days. If I take it every day (I'm bad at remembering to do that) it works even better! The more regularly I take this, the less often I have acid problems- even after trigger foods (coffee, tomato products, etc.) I don't really know how it works, but if you are looking at this and wondering if it will work for you- try it. I rarely like supplements and use them as a last resort, but this stuff? This will be in my medicine cabinet as long as they make it. It really is that good!