Doctor’s Best Betaine HCI Pepsin and Gentian Bitters

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360 Capsules (695mg) Size
Doctor’s Best Betaine HCI Pepsin and Gentian Bitters
  • Betaine HCI/pepsin/gentian bitters contains three nutritional factors that perform complementary functions designed to support the efficiency of the digestive process and supplementing with betaine hci may support the stomach’s digestive capacity
  • Pepsin is an enzyme produced by the body to digest protein-containing foods in the stomach and works in conjunction with stomach acid to support protein digestion.
  • Gentian is an herb used to optimize the digestive capacity and tonify the digestive tract. Its bitter nature may help to stimulate the body’s production of digestive enzymes.


Mary Malloy

This product was life changing! I wanted to go off my prescription medication for acid reflux, mostly because of the terrible side effects, which could include kidney failure. I don’t need that! I started with herbs that would soothe my system and that worked fine (slippery Elm, licorice, aloe, etc.) — but it wasn’t enough. My daughter introduced me to Doctor’s Best Betaine HCI with pepsin and genetian bitters. I take one in the middle of EVERY meal up to three times a day. My acid reflux has all but disappeared! please do yourself a favor and look up “low acid in older adults,” and how it doesn’t make sense that we’re being treated for high acid issues — please be proactive with your own health. I would recommend this product to anyone.


This seems to be a good product to support kidneys. Seems like I'm getting up less at night to use the bathroom. Will buy again.


Since 1982, I've known I had very little stomach acid, which a odd medical test in Seattle figured out this was why I couldn't digest food, & had allergies to much of what I ate. Those doctors are different than the ones now, because they knew you had to ADD what a person is missing, not just pile on pills as they do now, hoping they'd do something. I've had trouble finding this product for years, & when I did, I had to special order and it was a huge hassle. I was so happy when this brand showed up on Amazon to try for my "lack of stomach juice" to break down meat and fats. NOW I'm a happy camper again, which is saying a lot for an RN who knows better than to go without this product for long.

mike brodle

It helps the gut digest better!


This product has been a lifesaver and it is a really good price for the amount you get. I have acid reflux so I take this before I eat and it has helped me TREMENDOUSLY. I refuse to use prescription medications which only covers up the problem, this product actually helps heal your stomach naturally. I could never go without this supplement and I recommend it to anyone else who has acid reflux.