Designs for Health Mucuna Pruriens + Vitamin B6

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I suffer from ADHD/Depression, I'm also a licensed pharmacist. I felt a discernible positive effect (improved irritability and concentration) within 30 min of taking my first dose (2 capsules). Everyone's body is unique. I'm not going to claim that this is a panacea, but the effects I have seen thus far justify its price.


I take DopaBoost as a partial replacement for pharmaceutical Carbidopa/Levodopa (C/L) prescribed for the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease. Although I cannot totally replace the pharmaceutical (as the DopaBoost needs some Carbidopa to make it effective for my use), I can report that it is very effective and has reduced many of the side effects of the pharmaceutical product. It also lasts longer and hopefully will prevent me from developing dyskinesia from the long-term use of C/L. With the use of this product I have reduced my daily C/L intake from 3 tablets to 1/2 tablet, while gaining much more of a feeling of normalcy. Highly recommend it for Parkinson's patients, especially those with symptoms on the mild side (some tremor, some muscle stiffening).

Charette Dersch

I was a little skeptical about this supplement. However, of all the dopamine supplements I researched, it seemed to be the best. After about a week or two of taking it, I actually noticed feeling more happy. I take an antidepressant, and it works well to keep me from feeling depressed, but I still never actually felt happy. Since starting this supplement, I have noticed moments of actual happiness. It is subtle, but definitely there. I will definitely keep taking it & just ordered my second bottle!

Kenneth Charles

About to order my fourth bottle. I am a retiree - over 65 - and currently on a job assignment. Fortunately I found this product before the job offer. Would have never been able to accept without this product. Keeps me sharp, alert and energized. I do not drink coffee, so this is a wonder drug for me. I take one pill a day, with my 'bulletproof cocoa.'

A. Marie

Before finding dopaboost I noticed I was starting to fight depression and did not want to get out of bed in the mornings. I did not want to get on depression medication so looked for alternatives and came across this supplement. It has absolutely helped me. There’s been a few times I’ve run out and not ordered more cause I thought I would be ok without and then the depression/lack of motivation started creeping back. As soon as I start taking for a few days again I can tell it’s helping. I take 2 every morning and I hope they never discontinue it!