Country Farms MCT Coconut Oil Powder

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I use this product daily in my morning coffee. Of all the MCT oil powders that I have tried this one mixed easiest with my morning coffee. It is one of the more economical powders out there. I found another more economical but it has sodium caseinate in it which is a milk derived product and maltodextrin.


There are positives and negatives to this "Country Farms MCT Oil Powder Dietary Supplement." For the positives: - It's easily dispensed because it's a powder - It mixes well into coffee - Even though it's not listed on the label, the "substrate" the MCT oil is condensed on is "arabic gum" (20% of the weight) per an email exchange I had with the manufacturer. According to Wikipedia, that's also known as gum arabic and is the hardened sap of various species of Acacia trees (normally -- it's not necessarily Acacia, though). That's also called acacia fiber and is the latest craze in MCT oil powders. - Apparently, the only ingredients in this MCT oil powder is the MCT oil and its "arabic gum" substrate. In-between: - Even though I asked the manufacturer, they did not reply with the exact mix of C6 (caproic or hexanoic acid), C8 (caprylic or octanoic acid), C10 (capric or decanoic acid), and C12 (lauric or dodecanoic acid). It's not listed on the label. - I don't notice any of the supposed benefits of MCT oil use. But, then, I'm only using it as a cream replacement for my coffee and not for any Keto reason. The negatives: - It doesn't negate the bitter flavor of coffee as much as regular MCT oil - It adds a "carboard" flavor to the coffee. I'm assuming that's because of the "arabic gum" and I also assume that other MCT oil powders that use "acacia fiber" as a substrate will have the same issue. It's not a BAD flavor. But, it's noticeable. - The manufacturer really needs to add the missing information noted above to the label. So, I'm sorry to say I'm rating this Country Farms MCT Oil Powder at a Not Very Good 2 stars out of 5. Even though using plain old MCT oil has its own set of disadvantages (harder to use, harder to mix, and separates from the coffee after a while), I guess I'll be sticking with my regular "Nature's Way 100% Potency Pure Source MCT Oil."

Rhonda Taylor

Works as promised


I was really disappointed in this almost taste stale....not at all as flavorful as another product I've tried.....sorry but I won't reorder this one again.

Allen Charles

I use three other powders together first thing every morning and came across the claimed benefits of MCT to help with clearer thinking and brain flog so I got this version to try. It has only been a few weeks but I think it seems to work, plus it also seems to help me get my mornings started easier. So far no stomach distress as claimed by some. It mixes very easily with the Bountiful Beets, Super Greens and Super Reds and has very little taste difference. I did try it alone in cool water and if you didn't know it came from Coconuts you likely would not identify the very slight taste, it made the water seem to taste fresher and more water full. I am in a different situation than some and weight loss isn't part of my using it, I actually have had my heart doctor's Nurse Practitioner mention I didn't need to lose any more weigh since i started out at nearly 190 and am now around 155 or so. I do attribute to these powders I have now been using nearly 3 years each morning. I planned to lose a pound to a pound and a half each month and over these years it has happened. I do think the MCT oil powder does help me feel fuller in the morning and for some it could be the needed difference if you are striving to shed a few pounds. I do suggest you do it long term instead of the stress of a fast weight plan. A pound or two each month is 24 pounds over a year, likely about as much as most need to lose.