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This is my second bag of Niacinamide powder from Bulk Supplements. As always, it is pure and high quality. I originally bought it for my DIY skincare to reduce dark spots. I make a 5% solution with a hyaluronic acid base. I alternate it with my DIY Vitamin C serum and indeed, it has lightened up my dark spots. I also observed that it has controlled the oiliness of my skin and diminished the intensity of my acne. I read Leslie Kenton’s post that Niacinamide powder, together with MSM with vitamin c is one of the most powerful oral supplements you can take for your skin. I take 500 mg daily with juice, together with MSM powder and vitamin c. I have been doing this for almost a month and I can say that I have seen a definite improvement on my skin’s texture. It is smoother and brighter and looks like I always had a good night sleep. Oh, and by the way, this powder has also made me more relaxed. My sleep is deeper and longer. I usually have difficulty sleeping but since my first dose, I was surprised to have been able to sleep well. I have been diagnosed bipolar and taking medicine for me to relax and sleep well, and this supplement powder has helped me a lot. . Thank you so much, Bulk Supplements for continuing to produce high-quality products at low cost! Keep up the good work. I have made this review in exchange for a free sample of their product, but this opinion is my own.


I know niacinamide helps skin problems like acne and redness, and inflammation, along with skin laxity and fine lines and wrinkles. But there are problems with the niacinamide serums that I bought, they caused breakouts, or the serum rolled right off the skin in little clumps if I used with my other skin care items. They also have additives that are bad for the skin. So I decided to get the pure form and do what others do, that is, mix a little with my favorite moisturizer in an opaque glass dropper bottle, enough to last just a few days. It is working great! No breakouts, and in just a week, my redness has calmed down a lot, the inflammation is down all over my face, puffiness under my eyes is reduced and I look so much better! This is the only new thing I have done, so it is due to this powdered niacinamide. It is easy to mix, it is an ultra fine powder, and as time goes on, since it has helped this much in this short time, I know I will continue to have very good results in skin improvement. What an easy solution to my problem! Thanks Bulk Supplements!


I had heard great things about Niacinamide from youtube gurus about how it helps lighten dark spots and brighten up your skin. So I ordered this product from Bulk supplements and now that its been more than a month of me using it in my DIY serum, I can definitely say this is working as per my expectations or i would say maybe more. But it could be also because of the combination of other ingredients(also from Bulksupplements) in the serum that I add in the serum which might be making it work even more. Here's my DIY recipe for "Vit-C + Niacinamide+N-Acetyl Glucosamine Serum": 5 tsp. rose water 10 drops of licorice extract ½ tsp. Glucosamine (5%) --BulkSupplements ½ tsp. Niacinamide (5%) --Nature and Nurture ½ tsp. Glycerin ½ tsp aloe gel ( I almost took 1 tsp) 2 tsp vitamin C ester powder (20%) --BulkSupplements **Please do your own research before using the above recipe as I am in no way a chemist or anything. I came up with this recipe by researching online as there are tons of DIY niacinamide recipes posted and this is what suits my needs. With this above combination, I was able to see instant brightness on my face within a week which was otherwise very dull looking all the time with dark spots left behind from acne. FYI - I have Asian-Indian medium-olive skin with acne spots and some clogged pores. After a month of using this serum my skin feels smoother day by day and not to mention the scars that are fading dramatically. Also I do notice my pore size getting smaller as well and even my husband commented on my skin improvement which let me tell u says a lot since he never notices anything. I am very very very happy with the results and i will definitely be buying my supplies once I run out of it from bulksupplements as I know for sure their products are in pure form and they WORK.


I really love this vitamin. It's a very effective ingredient and not many people know about it. I use this as an ingredient to make my own facial cream. It has faded my dark spots and pimples from my face. It has brightened the shadow I got from frequent shaving and has also kept my acne at bay. My face is a lot brighter and clearer! I'm really amazed at how quickly it begins working within days. I've bought Niacinamide several times from BulkSupplements and I recommend it. Their vitamin B3 is very pure and I will be buying more!

Jenn Krueger

I've read several articles saying there is clinical evidence that B-3 is capable of naturally managing anxiety and I'm excited to see how well it works. I love that this is available in powder form which makes taking supplements much easier because I can mix it into a daily shake! Much appreciation for this formulation. Trying to move the majority of my vitamins and supplements to a powder form!!!