Bulksupplements Mucuna Pruriens

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This is such a great supplement. I’ve suffered with depression for many years. This really helps get me up and moving. It also makes me not hate my job so much because I’m not in such a bad mood lol. I stir a 500mg scoop into my morning coffee and I can’t taste it at all. Occasionally I’ll take it again in the afternoon and always couple it with a B vitamin. It tastes fine on its own but doesn’t dissolve too well in cool water. I like to experiment with various supplements to avoid prescription drugs and this is one I have no regrets at all about buying. Save yourself the money and buy this one in bulk because it goes down just as easy as a capsule would!

G L Catlow

I'm usually pretty skeptical of reported effects of most supplements. I was pleasantly surprised that the Mucuna Pruriens has worked exactly as reported. I have felt a powerful, focused calm in my day to day activities, a sense of "ready for anything; I told my wife on the third day of use that I felt like I was back in high school (I'm 63 yrs old).


This product does what its supposed to do. I take right before bed. Lets me get a whole night of deep sleep. I wake up ready to hit the ground running. Even on nights where I can't sleep a full 8 hours I still wake feeling restored because it makes the quality of my sleep better. Highly recommend this for anyone who suffers from insomnia. Whereas melatonin will only help you get to sleep, mucuna will help you STAY asleep.


Mucuna Pruriens powder is the source of L-DOPA, a substance that shows promise in Alzheimer's research, but for my purposes, it is used as a preworkout additive. It helps increase blood flow and gives a pretty decent pump, especially when mixed with other supplemets like Citrulline Malate and Beta Alanine. There are 2 issues with this specific supplement. While both are negatives, I don't think they are worth dropping a star. First, the taste is pure terribleness. It's like drinking cardboard. Not like when people say "it tastes like cardboard" to say something is bland, but like if you took a bunch of wet cardboard and pureed it, mixed it with more water, and drank it. That said, I don't expect pure, unflavored supplements to taste good. It was just a shock. The second issue is the package. The ziploc absolutely does not seal. I've even tried the flicking the bag trick that some people suggested in other reviews from bulksupplements. It is completely useless. So I transferred the contents into a large mason jar, and problem solved. Thanks Bulksupplements, everything I've ordered from you so far has met or exceeded expectations and your prices are very reasonable.


I am the a person that worries all the time and been taking this now for over a week 3x a day 500mg and find it best taking it after dinner with my multivitamins to ease up on my brain going 100 miles an hour on thoughts before bed and it works good as I sleep better and longer. During the day I feel calm and more relaxed if something stressful come up it hits me hard at first but I noticed now that it doesn't last as long as it used to. Hoping as I take this supplement longer it will only improve my well being.