BulkSupplements L-Tryptophan

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  • Aid sleep
  • EPromote a calm mood and feeling of well-being
  • Work to aid memory
  • Assist in maintaining healthy weight when taken in conjunction with a healthy diet & exercise



Okay, so, I waited 3 weeks before reviewing. I wanted to see if L-Trptophan (I will call it "T" from here on in since it's shorter) worked, or even helped or did anything remotely positive towards helping me sleep better. what has not worked for me (keep in mind they may work for you): Valerian - did nada for me 5 -HTP - nada as well Catnip - supposed to be a sleep enhancer believe it or not - nope Passionflower - nope Kirkland sleeping aids - helped a wee bit but not enough Tylenol PM - ha ha..not a bit Alcohol - I really struggled with not using this to help me sleep - there were times when I would use wine but it became such a habit plus it altered my personality - please just don't...trust me Marijuana - I smoked the indica kind - supposed to help you sleep - all it did is make me think for 3 hours that my bones were uneven (is there such a concept?) anyway, I am open to perhaps the oils, I live in Vegas so it's legal here Worked: Magnesium - helps keep me regular but I don't think it helps me sleep Meditation - Yes, if I do it - esp. right before bed - it helps quiet my mind - I am working on doing it more Melatonin - yes, I take 10 mg at night now that I am on "T" - it's supposed to help with "T" Quitting my job and going back to school for what I love - helped A LOT but I still struggle with anxiety when I wake up during the night Walking - or any kind of exercise that gets you to move Quitting cigs - yes, they bring you comfort but they are a stimulant and we all know are bad for you Eating cleaner - yes, ice cream is fun and so are burgers but it takes a lot to digest and that can keep you awake and or give you a restless sleep Ear plugs/eye mask - cool room - no animals while you sleep (except maybe your absolute best fur baby but if they wake you up often - they go to). Tradazone - wonderful for about 3 months, then at 200 MG - it stopped working. Finally, Seroquel - at a high dose it's an anti-pyschotic but at a low dose it's been prescribed by doctors to help others sleep. This stuff is strong - I do not recommend it unless your (like I was) quality of life is so bad because of lack of sleep - even then - talk with your doctor Back to my insomnia - what's criminal (or should be) is that I do not sleep DEEPLY enough, AND it takes me like 1-3 hours to fall asleep (this is WITH Seroquel). I have spent MANY nights crying - like close to hysterics because I struggled so much with it. Of course my sleep was worse when I had to get up early and coupled withwhen I hated my job. (quit if you can - seriously). So, I have been on "T" for 3 weeks now, I will say the first week, I did not know what I was doing, I was taking "T" 4 or 5 x a day WITH food, without food etc. I think I was thinking more is more...it's not. I finally got the "TAKE WITHOUT FOOD" part and it started to work! When I say work, this does not mean I do not still take the seroquel - because I do but I take the "T" on an empty stomach about 3 X a day (meaning 2 capsules each time) which amounts to 3000 MG. My sleep is not only deeper but I do not wake up as much (I would wake up about 6X at nite...to go to the bathroom or just honestly get up because I was wide awake and was tired of tossing and turning). I slept a little under 7 hours the other day and normally? I'd be feeling really sick - I feel like I have the flu or worse if I don't sleep enough - not this time. I was FINE - not only fine but instead of feeling crummier as the day went on? I actually felt better. I really hope this stuff is the real deal. I left off ONE star because I want to update this (can I make this any longer of a review?) because this is very important to me - and I know it probably is to you - sleep is SO dang important! Most Americans do not get enough of it. Here's hoping this review helped you and that Tryptophan will help you too.

Earth For Humanity~

I am a psychiatric RN and this is the only sleep aid I use, need and recommend. I take 1 cap a night and about 75 minutes later my eyes become heavy and I pass out. What I like about the l-tryptophan is that it boosts serotonin and makes a two for one sleep aid and antidepressant. Of course talk to your doctor and don't mix these with prescription meds that increase serotonin and other certain meds. Most doctors are against supplements because they don't study them in school and aren't familiar with them, it's very sad. But, these work and with no side effects such as next day drowsiness. I see a lot of patients practically hung over after taking prescription sleep aids and it's hard to watch. Try these, they are strong. And, yes there was a recall in the 1980s but it was manufacturer-specific, related to bacteria used and after thorough evaluation in 2005 l-tryptophan was put back on the market in the United States and is even sold as a prescription in some parts of Europe.


I suffered from waking up in middle of night full of anxiety and mind racing. I tried melatonin but after a while melatonin quit working AND it works differently (melatonin puts you to sleep-sometimes), L-tryptophan puts you in a long relaxed state, it is also a pre-cursor to melatonin, meaning it encourages your own body to make it's own melatonin, so you benefit in two ways. I can't believe this was the answer after all those months of anxious nights. Hope this review helps others who have insomnia and/or wake up in middle of night with mind/body racing with restless thoughts. Finally, I sleep all night and wake up relaxed like I did years ago before stress.

Crazy Gracie

I purchased, because I suffer from depression and meds don't work, make me feel bad.. This is the best product, I haven't felt this happy and normal in months. I think this product is a replacement for prescription meds for mild depression..LOVE IT. I am more relaxed, happy, things don't bother me like they used to, memory is better, overall better well-being, and sleep better. I will use this product for a long time and refer to friends and family. Thank you.....!


When depressed or low in serotonin, take this! Do not take 5-HTP which is a subset of Tryptophan. Absolutely essential in todays stressed out lifestyle. Helps put you in deep sleep, calms down your mind, and restores the serotonin your brain needs to be happy. Low gut bacteria is the cause of your low serotonin, most of the time. Replenish bacteria, eat cultured sugar free yoghurt, and take your L-Tryptophan every night for 3 months, then when you need it.