BulkSupplements L-Proline Powder

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Since I used a shotgun approach to the supplements, this time, I can’t comment on the effectiveness of this particular supplement on its own. My attempt was to use Serovital (spelling?)and some other HGH boosters as a blueprint. The mixture contains L-Glutamine, L-Lysine, n-Acetyl L-Cysteine, L-Ornithine HCL, Glycine, L-Arginine Base, L-Proline and Schisandra, all of them from Bulk Supplements. There may be a synergistic effect to them and as I run out of each I will see if they are all needed or if some can be left out. This supplement tastes like an artificial sweetener (yuck). Mix it into something with a strong flavor. The mixture works very well so far. This has been the best sleep I have had in over 20yrs. I now sleep all night long only, rarely, getting a poor nights sleep. This is usually caused by me doing something stupid like eating too much right before bed. I also have clear dreams that I can remember the next day (unheard of before). My energy is up drastically, probably due to the improved sleep. I feel like exercising and recover from hard workouts much faster than “normal”.

K. Tiffany

This particular amino has a mild sweet taste, mostly dissolving in plain water while leaving a few little crystalline clusters at the glass bottom. It does seem to have a positive effect on skin (when paired with lysine and vitamin c, taken 2x per day on an empty stomach), as I can see an improvement in my skin's elasticity and strength. Since starting the supplemental trio 12 weeks ago, I've seen my skin less reactive to irritants and has taken on a healthier glow. It pairs well with my Retin A Micro (tretinoin) regimen, as tretinoin stimulates collagen regeneration and I'm seeing faster improvements than when I did Retin A Micro alone. If I'm using products to stimulate collagen formation in my skin, well then I need materials for my body to make it. This does it! 2x per day, I take 1 gram proline, 1 gram lysine, and 1 gram vitamin c (mixed in water) on an empty stomach. First dose in the morning, 30 minutes before breakfast and coffee, and again in the late afternoon 30 minutes before dinner.

James C. Brewer

Very recently I suffered a bone fracture, and also learned that I have osteoporosis. I asked my doctors what supplements I could take along with their prescriptions for me. They suggested ordinary things (multiple vitamin, calcium. Vitamin D) which I am already taking daily. Hearing this less-than-inspiring recommendation, I decided to search the medical literature to see what else might be out there. Several university or medical research studies exist which show the positive benefits of L-Proline in the healing of bone fractures. For this reason I decided to order it and begin using it on a daily basis. I have frequently purchased a variety of Bulk Supplements brand amino acids in powder form. The quality of Bulk Supplements ranks very high with me, which is why I always come back to them when I need an amino acid, such as in my case of bone fracture. Their packaging is also very durable and reusable for opening and closing. These factors are important to me, since the 500 gram package will last me some months and remain in good shape as I open and close it. I don't have to worry about repackaging it because the package does not hold up. I always recommend amino acid powders in Bulk Supplements format to my friends for a number of reasons: (1) You know exactly what you are getting with no hidden fillers; if you ever have a question about any aspect of the products, the Bulk Supplements people will give you detailed and reliable answers to you question. (2) Bulk Supplements are a better buy over capsules or tablets; the processing costs of making tablets or capsules are high and you pay for that. (3) Powders give you the freedom of mixing them in your favorite beverage and you can very easily control the dose you want to take. As you can tell, I am very satisfied with amino acid powders and the consistent quality in over 8 of the Bulk Supplements product line that I have purchased over time. i generally look for the powder form of a nutritional supplement first before considering capsules or tablets. I have avoided taking unnecessary fillers and binders for hundreds of doses of products over the years. Those gelatin capsules really add up over time. I am very certain that my fracture will heal better and sooner, as the research reports I have read will suggest.


I tried Bulk Supplements Pure L-Proline Powder for the first time this morning because I was waiting to finish my L-Proline/L-Lysine capsules, which I've been taking along with Vitamin C as part of the Rath/Pauling protocol for elevated Lp(a). I had taken high dose niacin for a year to treat elevated Lp(a), but my number went even higher. In addition, since I was under-methylated per results from Genova Complete Hormone testing, niacin was not a good choice because it uses up the methyl groups. I had been purchasing the L-Proline/L-Lysine capsules from another company and needed a less expensive option. I am very pleased to have found Bulk Supplements. They sell L-Proline, L-Lysine, and ascorbic acid (Vit. C) in powder form (the three supplements recommended to decrease Lp(a). The L-Proline powder is very fine in texture and dissolves easily in tepid water with no taste. I'm looking forward to purchasing the L-Lysine and ascorbic acid in the near future. Concerning whether the Rath/Pauling protocol is helping decrease my Lp(a) levels, I won't know that until I have another blood test, but at least I'm not spending an exorbitant amount of money for the treatment.


Hey people! I got them on time. I’ve read how good they are for your heart and also to help calcium bond to bones I believe. Of course need to take silica, D3, K2, magnesium and boron plus lysine with Complex C Vitamin (has copper and other things) to assist in having a healthy bone and teeth. You can get also make bone broth to have the same affect.