BulkSupplements L-Ornithine

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Momma FS

I have used several Bulk Supplement products. I find them incredibly helpful to my overall health regime. Both me and my kids have some strange auto immune disorder as well as MTHFR. My daughter has bouts of anxiety and OCD. The GABA, 5 HTP, L ornithine, and inositol supplements have been incredibly helpful. They have, I think, been instrumental in helping her become less irritated and free of OCD symptoms. I have also used the Taurine, Choline and Glycine to help with pretty extreme insomnia during times when my autoimmune symptoms get worse because of common illnesses like colds and strep throat. Since taking these supplements, my overall outlook has been much better. I also feel stronger and get less nerve twitching and less muscle aches. I highly recommend these products! I did receive a free sample of the Taurine


I purchase this product primarily because it is one of the two ingredients in a product called Hepa-Merz, which I was prescribed to bring down my high liver enzymes level before a surgery. The other ingredient is L Aspartate. I have only been taking it for a few days so I haven't had the opportunity to get my liver enzymes checked, but have noticed some of the good side effects. I have been sleeping better and it seems to have decreased my appetite slightly. I'm hoping it will help my liver like the prescription did. Oh and the taste is not a problem, as it is barely noticeable in a small amount of hot water. Second time ordering this product because I truly believe it has helped my liver and my sleep disorder. Love it!


I have ordered L-Ornithine for several years now and love the pricing structure with BulkSupplements. It's a great value. I use this after a hard workout to help with lactic acid buildup and speeding muscle recovery from weight lifting. It also helps with high intensity cardio sessions. A side benefit of it is improved sleep. I take it prior to bed also and it does help with sleep, especially in conjunction with other supplements I use such as GABA and Glycine. The packaging here is resealable, which is great. Powder doesn't clump and is easy to dose, even when it's humid out. Potency is also spot on. Very satisfied.


I purchased this L-Ornithine powder from BulkSupplements to help with insomnia caused by excess ammonia in the brain (related to an abundance of parasites/multi-cellular organisms in your system). It is a supplement that is also often associated with gallbladder cleanses and yet, being a non-essential amino acid, it doesn't seem to get much attention beyond that. This L-Ornithine powder is easy to use--I just put a clean spoon into the bag each time and take out as much as I want. Unlike other amino acids, L-Ornithine is actually rather pleasant to taste before swallowing it down with water. It reminds me of milk: cool on my tongue and almost sweet. I take it shortly before bed on an empty stomach to help me get to sleep. That being said, as a sleep aid, I haven't noticed myself falling asleep any faster as of yet, but I am working up from a smaller dose (perhaps the equivalent of one capsule). However, considering my one natural health book recommends four L-Ornithine capsules at a time, I figure in a week or two I will probably be dozing off much more quickly than I am now. UPDATE (11/2014): This L-Ornithine, coupled with my use of L-Arginine and L-Citrulline during the daytime, is making a marked difference in both the quality and quantity of my sleep. I will generally take it at bedtime with some magnesium in water and, occasionally, a tablet of melatonin. Even without the infrequent melatonin, I've been sleeping deeply and soundly and have even started dreaming again. I would highly recommended this powdered L-Ornithine as a natural sleep-aid product.

Health Seeker

I bought this supplement because I'm doing a parasite cleanse and wanted some help with the excess ammonia in my body. Also read that ornithine is supposed to help with sleep (I already take mag citrate which I love). Haven't been as consistent w/ this as I'd like but when I do take it (normally ~1 heaping tsp or ~3g) it really seems to help me sleep DEEPER. Definitely recommend. Oh, and as for taste, I didn't find it as pleasant as some. More a combo of slight bitterness with some slight sweetness. Mixed with flavored natural calm magnesium tastes fine though ;)