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This product is a very fine powder. Only 1/4 tsp is equivalent to 500 mg. This is the cheapest way to consume supplemental L-carnosine. I add 1/4 tsp to my morning coffee and another to my drink at supper, giving me a total of 1 Gm per day. I find it has no taste --- that is, it does not alter the taste of my beverage and is painless therefore to swallow. It also dissolves easily without leaving any grit in your cup. I have read of the many benefits of it in regards to aging gracefully and decided to try it. It is supposed to refresh your body at the cellular level and cause the cells to live longer and healthier by lengthening the telomeres. As to whether it works to limit aging of the body, how will I ever know what my cells are doing internally? But I CAN say that I have had more energy and feel more productive. I have been taking it for about 6 weeks now and have decided to re-order a second package. At the 1 Gm/day dosage, this package will last about 2 months --- a very good buy. Highly recommended if you are at all interested in anti-aging supplements and much cheaper than Vital Stem. In the mornings I take this with an organic blueberry concentrate gelcap, 5 Gm of leucine powder, and Vit D3 which are all the rest of the components of Vital Stem.

Kazu Nishiyama

Highly recommended if this is used for what we have experienced. Initially we bought it for our 14-year old dog in June 2016, who was developing a cataract. Did it help clear it? Yes it did, as we observed cloudiness in the eyes began to be less noticeable after a few weeks. After researching further what L-Carnosine is good for, my wife and I started taking it (about a small spoonful a day mixed in water with lemon juice) once a day. We are 68 and 70, and we do have wrinkles around the neck, eyes, and everywhere! My wife tells me the wrinkles under my chin are less noticeable after 3 months of taking it. Her wrinkles around the neck are also much less noticeable. It is now October 2016. Probably it is doing some good things to other parts of our bodies, but we are not looking all over for that yet. Just glad we look slightly younger than a few months ago! Now we just purchased our third bag.


We purchased this supplement based on this double blind study for our son with autism http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12585724 http://nutritionreview.org/2013/04/lcarnosine-autism/ We talked to our pediatrician first and got the okay with him before we added this to his routine. We copied the dosing of the study (2x a day, 400mg) and did not tell his teachers/therapists to see if they noticed a difference. Everyone did- increased eye contact, language, less stimming behavior, more social interests... it was really amazing. His teachers actually came to us and asked what had changed! I know the number of participants in the study was low, but we were really impressed by the results they got in an unbiased REAL, published medical study. There are no negative side effects we've noticed for our son. We don't believe in "curing" autism or any of the alternative medical treatments for children with autism. L-Carnosine has really improved some of the negative symptoms associated with autism for my son. Do you research and talk to your doc before trying it out.


nitially I received this as a free sample. Ended up spending $104 for a 250g bag, as I wanted to do a longer self-experiment and see exactly how it affect my body. My original purpose was for anti-glycation, anti-aging. Surprised to notice I have a lot more energy in the morning, like I was all ready to do the whole house cleaning. I keep the same supplement regime this period of time, with only one variable (L-Carnosine), so I can gauge the health impact from L-Carnsoine. I also noticed my skin got smoother. Will give myself another assessment in another 6 months. Because its known benefit to cataract, I recommended this to my mom (she had it 20 years ago and fixed with a surgery). I'm also going to dose it to my old dog. For its strong antioxidant property, and cataract preventation for her breed.


Combined with a few other amino acids, I got a tremendous boost of energy and was able to focus my body to do things I haven't done well for the last 5 years. As a retired dancer/athlete, I can see there is a definite improvement in my activity level after just 2 days.