BulkSupplements HMB

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250 g Size
  • Clean & pure powder
  • Lab tested for verification & guaranteed purity
  • Factory-sealed foil zip pouch
  • Inhibits muscle breakdown
  • Promotes muscle growth & recovery



Purchased this product, along with around 20 other BulkSupplements products (full suite of amino acids as well as a few misc items), as to build an assortment of prototype products (BCAAs, Pre-workouts, etc). As my true bulk suppliers reside in China, having a domestic source for 1-2 day shipping can be extremely convienent in emergency situations. As part of our operation, we have an in-house Biochemist, who is primarily concerned with making more advanced product such as sarms, and the likes. After throughly testing (basically running a dozen tests on the ENTIRE quarter kilogram which was purchased) this product, the results were concerning. While the product largely was as it claims to be, a large concentration of the quarter kilogram ended up being Inositol. Two stars for the product, as it wasn’t entirely bunk, and was high enough quality, but NOT what it claims to be.


3 Grams of HMB powder per day mixed with a smoothie is keeping a relative of mine with cancer from wasting away. Previously, they were losing about 1-2 pounds every few days. Ever since we started supplementing with HMB, they have been maintaining their weight.

J. P. Whiteside

I ordered this as a substitute for CLA which I had been taking but seemed to cause digestive issues. I've had no digestive issues with this. My goal in taking it is to reduce any catabolic effects from working out in the mornings. I lift weights and do a lot of HIIT cardio. I've actually gained about 2 pounds since taking this and I wasn't expecting that since I've not increased my calorie count. My body fat scale hasn't indicated an increase in fat, so I'm assuming I'm either reversing some of the muscle loss I'd been experiencing or I'm actually gaining a bit of muscle. I've been taking this for only about 3 weeks so I will update again if I notice any significant changes positive or negative. So far I recommend this based on my own experience with it. I put 1/2 tsp in my beet root juice drink that I have before my workout.

Whorehey Long Rodriguez

I decided to purchase hmb from BulkSupplements because it was less expensive than Muscletech's version of hmb called Clear Muscle. I was purchasing Clear Muscle from Walmart for a little over $20. At recommend dose the bottle is only a one week supply. Half the time they didn't have it in stock which makes taking it consistently a problem, and like with most supplements, consistency with hmb is key. Vitaminshoppe sells Clear Muscle with a month's supply for $80. I bought the 250 gram bag of hmb from BulkSupplements for less than $20 and at the same dosage as Clear Muscle, this will last me close to 3 months. BulkSupplement's gave me the same results as Clear Muscle - better recovery, added strength and endurance in the gym and when running, and helped preserve pump and muscle - but for way less $ for way more product. The only downside to BulkSupplements hmb powder over Clear Muscle is that BulkSupplement is a powder and Clear muscle is a pill. Therefore you have to deal with a nasty taste compared to none. Also, you are supposed to dose hmb 3 times a day - one in morning, one in afternoon, one in evening. That makes the pills more convenient when you aren't at home at those times. However both of these downsides can be solved with a pill capsule machine. They are cheap and easy to use. I just suck it up and do the good old toss and


It's hard to isolate the effects of one supplement, of course, but I've been in a mild caloric deficit for 7 weeks and during that time I've lost 12 pounds, maintained my muscle mass and all my lifts have either maintained or gotten a little stronger. I take 4-5 grams of HMB per day along with probably another 10-20 grams of BCAA/glutamine mix. I've taken just BCAA in the past and I do feel that adding the HMB in makes a significant difference in my ability to restrict my calories without wrecking my training or losing muscle. I'll be using this daily for the foreseeable future.