Bulksupplements Alfalfa

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  • Clean & pure extract.
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  • Healthy source of nutrients
  • Promotes digestive health



My husband uses this for his Arthritis. Years ago Shaklee customers used the Alfalfa tablets for arthritis. So when I saw this we decided to add this to his arsenal of herbal arthritis remedies. The herbal mantra is "more of them, more often". Herbs are not like western 12 hr cold capsules, herbs need to be built up into the system and taken more often. We started with six tablets in the morning and evening and are now up to 8 tablet doses. His wrist and hand swelling is gone now.


I can swear on this product. I take at least 6 tablets after a marathon and no joint pain at all. It help with fast recovery. This was recommended by my plate father who had been taken it as his regular supplement and still plays golf at 87.


great product! Reduces bad cholesterol Promotes liver health Detoxifying the body of harmful toxins in the blood Reduces blood sugar levels Relieves muscle and joint pains Alleviates menopausal symptoms and side effects Increases energy levels Reduces fatigue due to vitamin and mineral deficiencies

C&L Freebourn

Definite difference in my milk supply! These are small, round, easy to take pills. I took 4-5 2x a day. I do notice a bit of dust when I get down at the bottom, but it shows the quality of the pills that there's not a lot of extra junk in them.

Mariah Erazo

Size: 500 Count (Pack of 1)Verified Purchase Absolutely the best for breastfeeding and I recommend all nursing moms to take this! It works!