BRI Nutrition Spirulina Maximum Strength

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120 Capsules (2000mg) Size
BRI Nutrition Spirulina Maximum Strength
  • WHY US: A complaint we hear is alot about the nasty after taste of Spirulina. Instead of pressed tablets or powder you pour into a glass, we took spirulina and encapsulated it into a vegetarian capsule. Our process is the second to none when it comes to packaging this micro-algae for maximum performance. This superfood is rich in vitamins like B12, K1 and K2, amino acids and phytonutrients such as phycocyanin. It’s brimming with antioxidants to help you feel healthier and energized.
  • WHAT IT IS: Spirulina is an amazing vegetarian whole superfood that has the ability to increase energy and detox your body. These 500mg super food formula capsules created by sunshine and nature are in their raw form and not an subjected to machines to form an extract.
  • PURITY: We use only the finest ingredients, all of which are manufactured in our US, GMP compliant, state-of-the-art, facility. Every batch is laboratory tested for quality assurance. OUR GUARANTEE: We’re very so confident that you’ll love this product that we offer a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee.
  • COMMON NAMES: There are so many different ways that people try and spell or even pronounce Spirulina. Just to set the record straight its SPEAR-YOU-LINA. Here are some common mis-spellings: spirulina, sperolina, espirulina, spurillina, spurlina, spiraling, spirulena, spiralena, chlorophyll, chlorella, blue green algae, arthrospira, spurilina, platensis and finally spiralina. Whew! That is a bunch. No Matter what you call it, you already know the amazing benefeits from spirulina.
  • SHARE: Consider ordering one bottle for yourself and another for a friend or loved one. Keep each other motivated and reach your goals together and more quickly. BRI Nutrition stands by every quality product we make. We manufacture only premium vitamins, capsules, pills, tablets, powders, multivitamins, supplements, topical liquids, serums, vegan foods and extracts for men, women, and children. Check BRINutrition out today!



I feel great. I'm deficient in Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, and Iron. This solves all those issues. I have even started walking and trying to get a little exercise in. I have not lost any weight but I'm also out of work and in school so I'm very sedentary so I can't blame that on these pills. I love this supplement. I don't take anything else now! This is grown indoors so it can't be contaminated by mercury. I love that!

Archie's Mum

This stuff is amazing. For years I caught every cold that came down the pike. Then I started taking spirulina regularly, and it was like I was impervious to illness. Even if I did catch something, I got over it in record time. After being off spirulina for many months, I recently caught a cold that lasted three weeks. I felt like death. When I started to feel better I immediately ordered more. I'll never be without it again!

Rob Damato

My wife is a breast cancer survivor, she got into taking a number of supplements while going through treatment...she does a great deal of research on everything and has been buying everything via Amazon. I was with her through everything and take the same supplements (we're a team), she wanted me to do what she's doing and I had no problem doing so. No issue with any of the supplements, take a number of different one and will use the same review for issues, good quality and everything we're taking have hundreds of positive reviews.


I haven't been taking the supplement long enough to really know if it's made any difference but I haven't had any negative reactions so far. A previous multi vitamin that I used had spirulina but I switched to another that didn't so I looked around to see what was available. The ability to increase or decrease the amount I was taking without changing the multi dosage was a plus. I like that the company sent a follow up email and gave suggestions on usage. A lot of times when you purchase from amazon you're on your own or sifting thru other folks comments.


This eliminates having to take 20 tablets a day from other vendors just to get a certain amount of the vitamin.