BRI Nutrition Resveratrol

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Use for migraine relief. Has made a huge difference In number of migraines per month.

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Not sure why this is advertised as simply "RESVERATROL" when it's actually a blend of multiple supplements: 600 mg Resveratrol (50% Trans-Resveratrol) , 150 mg Pomegranate , 150 mg Green Tea, 100 mg Quercetin (98% Extract), 100 mg Grape Seed Extract (98% Extract), 100 mg Standardized 4:1 Extract Enzymes. So that's SIX different supplements according to the label. How can someone know which supplement is working and/or causing an adverse reaction? Not sure why company "shotguns" all these supplements together and then simply labels it RESVERATROL. It should be called "ENERGY BLEND" or something similar

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When adding a supplement to my daily regiment like Resveratrol -- the component in red wine that researchers think helps empower wine-sipping centenarians to reach 100 years old -- I tend to spend at least an hour identifying the best product value. This one offered an elite dosage strength (1200 mg) at a great value. Consuming this supplement doesn't make me feel different, but that's not Resveratrol's game; the studies simply show that it provides an incredibly solid platform to good health. And I do what I can. Be aware that the 1200mg dosage is reached by taking two capsules, which led me to lower my rating from 5 stars to 4: I just believe that any 5-star supplement should be offered in a one-a-day formulation.

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Somehow, I find I have a positive shift in my energy at age 64. I've lost weight, got more major house remodels done, coached one of my sons football teams, rowing or biking almost every day. So I would endorse this product to anyone, and let you make your own decision.

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I am sad to say that I bought six bottles of these before I read David Sinclair's book, Lifespan. Sinclair is the Harvard scientist who first discovered the benefits of Resveratrol. Now that I actually read the book, as opposed to just listening to second hand information, I have learned that resveratrol is not a stable compound, and it should be both refrigerated and not exposed to sunlight. Mr. Sinclair notes that if the resveratrol is brown, as opposed to white, it is no longer of any use to the body. Very upsetting to learn this after purchasing so many over the last year.