Bio Sense Lactobacillus Acidophilus

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60 Capsules Size
  • excellent delivery and survival rate of the organisms within
  • helps to protect the digestive system
  • also helps with the treatment of a yeast infection
  • creates a healthier barrier in your gut and helps prevent irritable bowel syndrome


Melissa K.

I've been wanting to try a good probiotic for a long time, but the ones being sold at the retail stores didn't seem to do much. After reading the positive reviews for the Bio Sense, I decided to give it a try. After three weeks, I'm a believer. My stomach feels better than it has in the last 15 years since having my gallbladder removed. I've tried so many products including prescriptions over the years with not much help. These probiotics seem to be making a big difference. I started out taking one twice a day as recommended, but found that to be a bit too strong. I now take one a day and it seems to be just right. I have not noticed weight loss or increased energy, but as long as they continue to help my tummy troubles I plan to continue taking them!


Ok, so you might think I’m sharing a little too much information but, I need to tell you about the great results my husband is seeing with this Probiotic Supplement. To begin with, my husband has been complaining of digestive issues. Mostly diarrhea after eating. I did some research and found that there were certain bacteria that might help him. I found that this Bio Sense probiotic had the particular combination of bacterias suggested for my husband’s issue. My husband has been using this probiotic for two weeks now and his issues have improved almost 100%. I just ordered a second bottle and have set up an auto ship subscription. I starting to take this supplement as well just for good measure. We are very satisfied with this product and highly recommend it. The product is well packaged. No broken capsules. Bottle is easy to read. Capsules are fairly small and easy to swallow. Zero taste or aftertaste. No side effects.


The label as advertised on Amazon doesn't match the label of the product I received. The ingredients include fructo-oligosaccharides (fructans). This probiotic could cause digestive distress for people with IBS or SIBO, or people on a low-FODMAP diet. I took one pill, and got headaches and upset stomach for two days! I'm on a low-FODMAP diet for SIBO, so I can't digest fructans.


I have struggled since I was 19 with IBS-D. Working with my family Dr and specialist, they recommend trying a probiotic. I did a lot of research and this one is the best I found. I have been on this product since December and it has really helped regulate my system and limit flares. I have more energy and have lost weight too.

Mary F. Ferrara

I love this! It’s easy to swallow, and contains over 40 billion CFU’s with 4 live strands. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in the early 1990’s and sulphur salazine did NOTHING to elevate my symptoms. I went into a local health food store and they recommended Probiotics. In two weeks I was a new woman, and in two months the sulfur salazine got ditched. Since, I’ve take a probiotic each day and my current GI Specialist doesn’t believe I have Crohn’s (I do). That is how good my colon looks on probiotics.