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  • Pharmaceutical Grade ingredient
  • Contains no fillers or Magnesium Stearate


Richard The Learner

L-Proline is an enzyme support for the body and therefore supports the heart. It works for me as a heart patient and for this reason I really like the product. I will soon be going on my third bottle. The product arrived in a timely fashion and the supplier did an excellent job of getting it to me and was in excellent condition.

Lynn T.

Came across this brand looking for vitamins with no stearates or other fillers. They are almost impossible to find at a normal price. And then I found BESTVITES. AMAZING PURE PRODUCTS. Not kidding that I bought L lysine at 1/3 the cost of Pure Vitamins. Then I went on to buy Proline...a perfect compliment to lysine. I will buy ANY product they sell!

Licensed Esthetician

Works, I really like it. I bought a different kind to try out this time around. May repurchase in the future.


High quality product without all the fillers. It gets dinged a star because the label on my product says 500 mg. On the back it says serving size is 2 capsules and that equals 500 mg. So that would not make these 500 mg. And to add more confusion the label says 1000 mg on the back that is uploaded here. That's per 2 caps and what I received actually means 250 mg of L-Proline per capsule. This needs to be clarified. Update 8/28/18.................................................. 500 mg or 1000 mg?????????????? Incorrect label is posted by the maker-seller My new bottle says 500 mg on the front label In the back it says- 2 capsules is the serving size and they total are 500 mg It then says the bottle of 120 caps is only 60 servings. So my original post stands. It is a great product but should be labeled as 250 mg each or they should fix the label to indicate these are really 500 mg. As it stands now they are 250 mg. The label above suggest otherwise. This seller needs to update this product NOW!


I bought this to use with Vitamin C and lysine and I estimate at least six weeks to six months before I will see a difference in my heart stats. It seems fine as far as not causing any allergic reactions. Any supplement should be given time to work. I have not been using this long enough.