BESTVITE L-Carnosine

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sam barbary

L Carnosine is one of those supplements that takes a while to notice significant change regarding the regeneration of mitochondria. It's what some researchers call the fountain of youth. I will say this. I've been adding it to my 96 year old mom's supplement list. My sister who washes and cuts my mom's hair noticed that many new black hairs are coming in. This is not a paid review.

Gary Ark

I felt the difference right away - more energy and less sleep. The energy is not like a stimulant when you cannot sleep but cannot focus on anything either. I've taken 3 caps/day for a few days but feel it is a bit too much - sleep quality gone down, so I will skip dinner dosage from now on. A note to potential user - there are two types of people - low and high histamine, and you should be careful with this supplement if your blood histamine is high because L-Carnosine will raise it. If you are a high histamine person, I would recommend low dosages of L-Carnosine (under 150mg/day) and Beta-Alanine instead.

Emily Zoe

My child with Autism goes through some defiant behavior phases, for whatever reason giving one capsule a day improves behavior considerably. Throughout the school year the weekly behavior note was consistently positive when he takes the L-Carnosine and weeks where he hasn’t taken it, had more negative behavior marks.


It took me stop taking it to realize just how much it helped. I admit I started taking L-carnosine based on claims of slowing and/or reversing cellular senescence. This claim is a bit hard to substantiate by merely looking in the mirror or by gauging how you feel when you get up. It takes years to observe any results of daily carnosine supplementation on the aging process so I began to neglect taking it at all. Life continued as usual and a previously persistent issue recurred in my skin; eczema. For four months I lotioned and otc "producted out" my hands and arms with no results. Quite independently I disciplined myself into the carnosine schedule again and a week prior to writing this review noticed that the eczema disappeared and had not been a problem while previously supplementing with the carnosine. I'm not insisting that this product or taking carnosine products in general will cure eczema. But I am stating that my skin acts "normal" again with the carnosine. It looks better and is better moisturized as well. If this is indicative of carnosine assisting in regulating normal cellular processes then I will continue taking it because to me the circumstantial evidence is good. I've had cheaper carnosine supplements and you get what you pay for. After years of using several brands of carnosine I can say that this is one of the better quality products at one of the best prices I've seen. I use carnosine based on research of human plasma carnosine levels seen in test subjects after consuming 200 g portions of ground beef at approximately 124 mg carnosine/100 g ground beef. 5.5 h postconsumption plasma levels are no longer detected. Hence I supplement roughly every 6 - 8 hours per day. I do take on an empty stomach. Cheers!

Carolyn Oakes

Great product. I take it twice a day as a way to improve my balance. Dr. Oz had a show a year or so ago where he said that a good way for senior citizens to avoid falls is to take L-Carnosine. I followed the advice and did well. Then I got out of it and after several months, I had a bad fall. Now I'm a real believer. I take my L-Carnosine every day as a preventative measure against falls.