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I have been ordering this brand of resveratrol for a while now and have been happy with it. The capsules were not too large, it did not have extra, harmful ingredients added and seemed to meet expectations which is why i continued to buy it. This last order which I just received was different. First I noticed the bottle was much larger. After opening, I found the pills were also MUCH larger and were not in the opaque, light protective capsules they had always been. Although they both have the same mg listed, something has changed to make these larger, not just the type of capsules it's in. I am disappointed that this formula has changed without alerting their customers. I will try these new capsules to see if there is any change in the way I respond to them and may be changing my rating accordingly.

Lake watcher

I see various claims of the benefits of Resveratrol, and while I can't confirm that it cures all those ailments or keeps you from aging, I have a personal experience with it that has convinced me to keep taking it forever. I have always suffered from miseral colds and flu symptoms. From the time I was a young boy, every year I would catch a cold that ravaged my body, going from throat to nose to fevers and aches to chest congestion - absolutely a miserabe experience that usually went on for two weeks. And these colds occured at least three or four times a year. A big portion of my life was spent suffering miserable symptoms and I was not very friendly when sick, preferring to be alone in bed waiting it out. I especially hated the feeling of sinus congestion when my eyes watered and my face felt invaded and I could not engage with anyone in a civil conversation. My wife hated it, too. Six years ago my urologist decided he thought I might have prostate cancer due to elevated PSA and enlarged prostate. On a financial blog I follow, at around the same time I read a post about the writer's encounter with prostate cancer and how he took a protocol of supplements centered on resveratrol. He claimed that after a few weeks of that protocol and nothing else, his prostate cancer disappeared. So I decided to give it a try myself. I initially took all the supplements he recommended, but eventually I let the others go and continued with just the resveratrol. Since then I have taken the recommended daily dose without fail. The side benefit that I had not expected is that I stopped getting colds! After over 50 years of suffering through colds every two or three months, I cannot remember a single cold in the past six years. I won't say that I haven't had a cold, but the symptoms are so mild that it is hard to notice. Even when members of my family catch cold, I look at them in wonder as I might feel the start of a sniffle, or the warning sign of a little ache, but it doesn't develop into the full blown misery of my past. I don't know for certain that all this is due to resveratrol. I am still careful in public, washing my hands after touching door knobs and handrails in the flu season, getting a flu shot every fall, etc. but I was doing all that all along. Maybe my immune system suddenly decided to grow a pair after all these years. Maybe it is all a psychological reaction and it was my mind that was undermining me all those years, causing me to get sick. But the fact is that taking resveratrol is the only thing I can point to as the real difference between the 50 years of miserable colds and the 6 years of being cold-free. When I was in the throes of a full-blown cold, I would have paid $1,000 [≈ Traditional cell phone cost per year] for an instant cure to get me out of it. I wondered why science couldn't come up with a cure. But now I am content knowing that I just have to take this inexpensive supplement and it works for me. Whether it works for others, I don't know. I don't see why these results havent come out in scientific studies. But don't try to get me to give up my resveratrol program, because I won't.

We're going for the gold with this. Hope and pray it works. We're using it as part of a treatment for stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

J.J A.

In my entire life i have never left a review on any order whatsoever. Right now i feel terrible and pained like someone trying to eliminate by this order. The first order of this product came and i was pleased and patiently waiting to finish a second bottle before leaving a review. But am shocked to recieve the second bottle after returning from work this evening and was very excited. Only for me to open it up and was frightened by the color of this product. As you can see from the picture the white pill was the first order while the second came in a rather unpleasant color. Atleast it would have been nice to let people know your product modifications in order not to be worried about any subsequent changes that might occure. Am very DISAPPOINTED.


76 years old - My wife and I have been taking Grapeseed or resveratrol for probably 20 years. While our peers wrinkled away with enlarged veins and experienced other aging problems, both our complexions have remained intact and we do not have those ugly enlarged veins. Like most supplements, there is no way to know if the resveratrol is the actual reason, but I kinda go with the evidence. I look in the mirror and wonder if I can SEE that much benefit, what MUST it be doing "inside"? One thing I know for absolute sure. Nothing will work if you never use it. Even food won't work if you don't consume it. This product is the best buy I have found for the pycnogenols I want.