Arazo Nutrition Fish Oil

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The product has been ok. I haven't noticed any difference since I've been taking them though. Something I did noticed is they don't list the % of omega 3 fatty acids like other top competitors (most are around 70%) After studying the label it appears to be just over 50%. (4080mg fish oil, 2250mg omega 3 fatty acids) That's pretty low compared to some other top brands, especially since the serving size is 3 capsules (most others are 2 capsules). So, while this brand boasts high EPA and DHA I've decided to try the Nutrigold brand triple strength that boasts 80% omega 3s. Its twice as expensive but contains 180 capsules as opposed to 120 and a dose of 2 as opposed to 3. In the long run it seems to be cheaper for the at first glance, more expensive option, which is a more potent and in my opinion a better quality product.

Miss J

I’m feeling the best I’ve ever felt mentally in a very long time!! I’ve been struggling with severe depression and anxiety for about 3 to 4 years. I’ve always had a low level of depression and anxiety for quit some some time. However from the beginning of 2017 until now it has become severe to the point where I’ve sougt out professional help. I’ve tried to read books, I’ve been put on medication but I just couldn’t seem to shake this depression. I’ve done EVERYTHING. So I came across and article that stated the chemical EPA and DHA found in fish oil when taken in higher concentrations helps alleviate the symptoms of depression. So I gave it a go and when I say I was amazed at the results after only taking this supplement for 4 days I instantly noticed a difference. It’s almost like the mental black veil I struggled with for so long had been lifted. I’m only 10 days into taking this supplement and I feel AMAZING. I hope this feeling never goes away.

Justin Cartee

First of all, this is a real review. My name is Justin and I live in Jacksonville, Florida. I wasn’t paid to write this. I’ve struggled with anxiety/depression for about 2 years. I’m on my third SSRI now (Viibyrd) and have really only had some relief from it. I’ve been taking this brand of omega 3 for some time now at the recommended dose of 3 a day. I just started taking 6 a day (split between morning and afternoon) and the effects were immediate upon taking the second half of the dose the first day. Please try this if you have the same issues. I also take a low dose of 5-HTP, magnesium, and vitamin B-6. Good luck!

marcus alan abadie

Great product, before I started using this fish oil my cholesterol was extremely high after a short five months of being on this and being retested my cholesterol has lowered nearly 50 points I would recommend it to anyone


Love this product! No fish burps or yucky aftertaste. I was suffering from very dry eyes when my Dr recommended that I start taking fish oil. Other brands didn't help, but Omega 3 has made a great difference! I'm no longer having to use dry eye drops all the time. It's also helped with joint pain that I have from arthritis in my knees and back problems. I plan on taking this every day!