Antler Farms Colostrum

$130.00 Our Price
454 g Size
  • 100% GRASS FED


D. Dominick

It’s important to me that the products I use are humane. The fact that these cows are on pasture and the calves are allowed to have the colostrum they need first was definitely a factor in my choosing this brand. It is clean and mixes well. I am using it to heal GI issues due to adrenal fatigue. I have just started my second canister and do note improvement. So far, so good!


Four stars mostly because of the cost. I know this is a super high quality colostrum from New Zealand but the price tag will make it a bit hard to keep in my supplement line-up. Right now I use one scoop with 1.5 scoops of New Zealand Whey post-workout. I really like the combination of both products. As far as the colostrum is concerned, I notice a sense of calm/well being shortly after consumption. Not sure why or what to expect so that is just my experience. Maybe it is related to improved gut health.


As I become more focused on providing my body only the healthiest, natural ingredients and supplements, I have realized that sometimes comes at a higher cost. The satisfaction I have with this product is worth far more than what it costs. For the first time in many, many years, I have not became sick at the start of cold weather. I attribute much of that to this colostrum. I very much recommend it.


Amazing I can’t believe the way I feel just amazing!

Billy Murphy

Not only is Antler Farms known for their great looking packed products, they are intensely focused on delivering a high quality product that we can enjoy. If I want high quality, trusted ingredients I choose them.