Ancestral Supplements Colostrum

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180 Capsules Size
  • Consuming colostrum may support a healthy gut and immune system.
  • Colostrum may promote human growth and cellular, tissue and organ repair.
  • Provides all the building blocks – bioactive and nutritionally intact – with the specific vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids to fight disease, and destroy pathogens.
  • For gut support: take 3 to 6 capsules on an empty stomach.
  • Recommended as an integral part of a nose-to-tail keto or carnivore diet



This product is a LIFESAVER. Probably my favorite of the line because it has had such a massive effect on my mood, my energy, my digestive system, and my skin. It’s just like an all around cure-for-all. Anyone who’s suffered from psoriasis or acne or any auto-immune related skin condition knows how uncomfortable, frustrating and straight up debilitating it can be to deal with it. This product, combined with the Trachea and Collagen, has changed my skin drastically. Not only that, but I’ve seen a big improvement with my immunity. My whole life, I would get sick a few times a year. But every time I got the flu or the common cold, it would last for over a week, sometimes two weeks, and I would feel absolutely felt like my immune system was ...basically non-existent, for years. Refining my diet to be as healthy as possible certainly helped decrease my symptoms when I would catch something, but once I started taking the Colostrum, I haven’t been sick at all. I would recommend this product to basically anyone because it has so many wide-ranging medicinal effects. I have already re-ordered backup bottles because flu season is coming and I know it will help me avoid getting sick.


I was introduced to your products last year by my kinesiologist. At the time I took liver, spleen, heart, organs, then kidney and finished all products. She said my kidney energy needed help. I am a 41 year old unschooling (radical homeschooling) mother of a 4 and 7 year old and breastfed for almost 6 years straight, I stopped in June of 2018. I’ve never had anyone watch my kids aside from a few hours here and there from Daddy, my family lives far away and I am super protective of my kids, so lots of sleep deprivation in the past 7 years as well! In Dec of 2018 I had in infected wisdom tooth out. The result spiraled into several HPA dysfunction, aka adrenal crash/exhaustion. I had also been doing very intense runs, and was unaware it was stressing my adrenals. For 4 months it was hell, cycling down to stage 3C adrenal exhaustion. I didn’t know it was my adrenals and was trying to push through with herbs and food. Anxiety and insomnia kept the cycle going. My kinesiologist told me much of my problem was severe anxiety (which is caused by adrenal dysfunction) and I realized myself that what I had was adrenal fatigue. So it was about 5.5 months ago that I started the healing journey. Changed my foods, had to use GABA stimulating medication to get any kind of sleep, but my sleep did improve. I was slowly and obviously getting better. I took a saliva adrenal panel test, cortisol was off, ALL my sex hormones were low except for testosterone – the one thing that kept me going! So super low progesterone and low estrogen =estrogen dominance. And the low progesterone was contributing to low thyroid (which I have had treated by energetic remedies from my kinesiologist for 10 years and done well). Then I bought a big Berkey water filter about a month and a half ago. I had been drinking spring water from the store – thinking that it was somehow clean. But after drinking super clean water, my adrenal function improved dramatically in 24 hours. SO – I believe the xenoestrogens in the bottled water from chemical contamination, plastic, whatever – was severely affecting my entire hormonal system. I took another saliva panel after using the water for about a month. My cortisol levels were perfect! And my DHEAS went from extremely low to normal, on the low side – which is great progress in only 2 months! My estrogen and testosterone are normal but low which is ok. But my progesterone was even lower! Despite taking bioidentical progesterone (very tiny doses for two months). My conclusion was low progesterone = low thyroid = low progesterone = low thyroid!! SO – I have purchased a bunch of your supplements over the past month to get my entire body back on track. I’m currently taking at full 6 pill doses/day: Collagen (amazing!!) Colostrum Bone marrow Lung (cured my immune and anxiety induced asthma symptoms immediately!!) Kidney Brain (I have had less anxiety since taking this) Heart Intestines Thymus (I went through a detox with this for a few days, like I was coming down with something – then felt great!!) Then at smaller doses: - pancreas (I take one when I eat so about 3 a day) - THYROID - I was initally very sensitive to the thyroid as my body was coming back into balance. you instructed me to take 1/4 capsule for about 7 days and then increase slowly week by week. the sensitivity stopped after a few days. I have been taking it for about 2 weeks now and already feel a difference in energy, along with a diet designed to support my thyroid. and of course a big part of the diet are the ancestral Supplements! *** I love this company and Brian has been put on this earth to help people get better. He will answer all of your questions wholeheartedly with the vast knowledge he has about his products. I highly recommend these products to everyone! I even have my 7 year old son taking the colostrum and beef organs just to strengthen his immune system :)

Mickey H.

I’ve just started taking Ancestral Colostrum a few days ago. The results have been amazing! I take it one hour or so before I do my brutal 3/4 mile hike up a trail where you climb three sets of steps made from railroad lumber. It’s heart pumping, lactic acid burning, hard cardio workout! Taking the colostrum has made a huge difference! I can run up the steps which I only dreamed of. My stamina and cardio endurance has left me with the Wow factor! My hips used to ache from jogging or hiking. So far I have very little hip pain and overall muscle stiffness and fatigue using the AS Colostrum! In the past I purchased colostrum on Amazon for under $15 bucks. I thought I was getting a deal till I read your article on your website on how some manufactures defat the colostrum to raise concentration levels and then add a medium chain triglyceride. I have to say the difference is night and day with your Colostrum! Lastly my hepatic cysts pain has greatly diminished using your colostrum! Truthfully I was a bit skeptical at first to spend the extra money. I thought how more effective could it be? It’s been a huge difference so far! You can’t go wrong with any of true AS products. I take the beef lung also to boost cardio performance!


I’ve taken the colostrum and intestines for about 3 months now and I love both. I take the colostrum internally and open a capsule or two and coat it around my teeth and mouth with my tongue in the morning and at night before bed for oral health. I trade off doing this with the bone marrow as well by opening a capsule in my mouth at night before bed. It has made a difference in my oral health for sure. The gallbladder seems to have helped my gut health and ability to stay regular. The intestines has helped my gut health tremendously. I noticed a difference in about 2 weeks with 2 caps 3x daily. In my opinion and experience, it is very important to fix leaky gut syndrome and have excellent gut health or it doesn’t matter what you take because it probably won’t be properly absorbed and utilized.

Capt. D