Amazing Nutrition L-Tryptophan

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L. White

I never write reviews, but this makes me mad. The picture for the item shows Gelatin and magnesium stearate as the only two other ingredients in the capsule. Scroll down to the item description and it says the same thing. But the item I received has numerous other ingredients, some I don't know anything about, and others I know are potentially dangerous for some people (see photo). Luckily I'm getting a refund, but this product should be pulled so that someone else who may not notice the error doesn't end up ingesting harmful ingredients.

audrey mccreight

Wow, so this stuff is great!!! I was looking for something natural to help me rest, feel more relaxed and actually fall asleep. I tried Cat Nip, Valerian Root and Passion Flower. I've tried them all separate and together and I still couldn't rest like I did last night with this stuff. I took it within an hour of going to bed, I didn't make the full hour and I conked out hard and quickly. I need to add that I'm a 33 year old woman who has ADHD so during the day I take Adderall and the side effects of the medicine along with ADHD can suck. I already had horrible insomnia/anxiety before I started Adderall and my Dr. had me on 20 mg of ambien at night to sleep, which helped but, that's all fine until you start shopping at 2 am on your phone and 20 pairs of granny panties end up in your mail box 2 days later because you thought you'd need them?! Yeah, it happened to me. So, this has been the best and safest alternative and the sleep and rest was just amazing and the benefits of Tryptophan are great. I woke up in the night to go to the bathroom twice and every time I was able to drift right back to sleep. I'll probably post another review after my bottle is done and if it's still this good I'm definitely going to order again.

Diane from Tampa

I stopped using ambien two years ago due to its addictive side effects, but still suffer from insomnia. I've spent hundreds of dollars searching for a healthy alternative. I heard about L-Trytophan on a podcast by Dr. Berg, so I thought why not? I took 2,000 mg the first night, and I actually felt a wave of relaxation and fell asleep. I've only taken it a week so far, but this really works!!! I will definitely buy this again from the same company.


BUYER BEWARE! The label on pictures product states “Other ingredients: Gelatin & Magnesium stearate” but the bottle they’re actually selling is not the same- it lists many “other ingredients: Coscarmellose Sodium. Stearic acid, silicon dioxide, Food Glaze Coating, as well as Gelatin & Magnesium stearate.

Peter Cruz

Terrific product! As advertised, it helps me go to sleep within 1/2 hour. So, considering my insomnia over the years and taking prescription drugs, I'm happy to be taking these! Although I wish I could get a solid 8, I'm very happy with this product.