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Fellow strugglers of proper sleep: perhaps you got to here after learning about the "Healthy Sleep Formula" created by Steve Gibson, as I did. If not, and sleep is an issue for you, I highly recommend you google "Healthy sleep formula" to get to the page on grc .com. That guy has a HUGE following. So much so that when he developed his version 2.0 of the sleep formula and recommend a specific brand of Niacinamide, it sold out everywhere. I knew right then that there must be something to this formula of his. Then he popped back with an update stating that this brand was officially recommended after it had been tested out. I would have never thought that Niacinamide (the amide of nicotinic acid (vitamin B3 / niacin)) + melatonin could be such a magic sleep cocktail. And trust me, at this point I have tried a lot of different supplements. I suffer from the kind of insomnia where you can easily go to sleep, but not remain asleep (sleep-maintaining insomnia disorder)... tossing and turning, rarely getting into deep sleep/REM and waking up everyday feeling pretty exhausted. What a waste of time, honestly. I have been on a long road of finding ways to improve this issue through healthy means, trying my best to avoid actual sleeping pills. Things would work for a bit... then no longer be effective and it would be this endless chase for the next sleep fix. But this formula offered me something new: a combination of 2 time-release pills taken together. It addressed my exact needs. And I am here to say, it works. It WORKS LONG-TERM. I have been doing this formula of time-release Nicinamide and time-release melatonin for several weeks now and its amazing the energy I have now. Many days I wake up about 10-15 minutes before my scheduled alarm for work, have much more vivid dreams, have no issue getting out of bed and out the door, actually feel like going to the gym on my lunch break instead of taking a car nap...it's put me on a great healthy schedule overall and feeling top of my game. I actually look forward to bedtime now. If you do Steve's formula, you have to figure out what is best for you. I will state that I am not a sensitive person and typically need higher dosages of things. In my experimenting I have found that 1250mg of Niacinamide + the 1mg melatonin works best for me to sleep through the night without crossing over into groggy-ville. It is one reason why I like this brand being a lower dosage of 500mg, so I can easily up 1/2 and full dosages cutting the pills. It was very much a goldilocks situation... 1 is too little... 2 is too little... 3 IS TOO MUCH IM IN A HAZE... 2.5 is just right :D So thats my story of Niacinamide and how it's solved my sleep-maintaining insomnia. Pretty amazing, I can't fully believe it yet. Just in case you are wondering the breadcrumb trail of how I got here... it went: friend told me about GABA... and combining with taurine to be more effective. I researched GABA and stumbled on a "sleep hacking through biochemistry" blog... read about all these things to help get you into sleep faster and more lasting, and replacing 5-HTP with tryptophan (but it mentioning a high tryptophan diet might not be healthy so being careful not to use constantly)...blah blah read some reviews on the tryptophan I was getting and mentioning Steve Gibson's healthy sleep formula. His 1st generation formula used a handful of all those aforementioned things till he developed the 2nd gen one. Glad I jumped on board after that point! Its cheap and super effective.


Taking Zoloft. This stuff will help your Antidepressant work so much better, if you take both at the same time! And over time, it will help your anxiety, mood, and skin. I’m allergic to regular Niacin, but this one is amazing!


Pharmaceutical companies dont want us trying out vitamins because they cannot patent vitamins and yet if you find the right one, brain fog, tiredness, bad skin even depression, can be greatly alleviated with these supplements.


NOT Niacin, so if you suffer from flushes taking plain Niacin, your should NOT with this product. Of course, since I am NOT A DOCTOR ( whatever the hell that is supposed to be worth), some users have reported headaches after taking Niacinamide. There are two users in our household, and we have been taking this brand for well over a year DAILY ( 1 and 1/2 tablets per night), and no negative effects. It is taken in combination with 1mg Melatonin tablets ( 1 per night) and 1/4 teaspoon powdered ( or pearlized) Oleamide. Puts us to sleep within 10 minutes after going to bed, and does assist in falling back asleep, and staying asleep. No negative or side effects from any of the supplements taken. Naturally, you are encouraged to do your own research as far as dosages and deciding what if any deliterious effects you may have: this is not an exact "science". If you're the type of person who likes to experiment with safe and legal supplements in order to enhance sleep without the use of anything big pharma, then welcome to the experiment. If you have headaches from this Niacinamide, its your choice what to to next. It may or may not be the Niacinamide that is the cause, but it bears checking out.

R. Cushman

I got this after hearing Steve Gibson talk about his Healthy Sleep Formula on his Security Now podcast. This along with the other parts is working well for me. I have always been a "Night Owl" and could not go to sleep until 1-3AM unless I took sleeping pills. This along with the other two parts are what your body already uses to go to sleep and will fill in where you are missing or lacking in what your body needs.